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5 ways to grow presence

5 Ways to Grow Your Social Presence

By Lea Sorrentino April 18, 2014

In 2014 trying to set yourself apart is extremely competitive. It is rare these days that anyone gets the opportunity to present their ideas or personality in person. Most first impressions happen virtually and simultaneously with thousands of other people. So how does someone stand out in a dense digital landscape? By having a well developed personal brand that is continuously socialized.

If you have not adopted one or more social media platforms, your personal brand is suffering. Even the most stellar and brilliant of human beings need to be continuously broadcasting their unique talents. Your audience is swimming in a sea of overflowing information and social media platforms are effective tools to keep your name floating at the top. However, curating several profiles can feel daunting, time consuming, and overwhelming. Use these five steps to easily create content, update statuses, and remain relevant.

  • It’s O.K. to be Repetitive: With an average of 9,100[1] tweets sent out per second, 300 million[2] photos posted daily on Facebook, and 200[3] conversations happening per minute in Linkedin Groups the chances of your content being lost is pretty high. It is a misconception that each social platform needs unique content. Once you have found something to say, share, or upload make sure to spread that message throughout all of your social personas. This tactic will make it easier to maintain several profiles at one time.
  • Short, Sweet, and to the Point: Do you know what all professionals (or people for that matter) have in common? They are busy and their time is precious. More content does not mean a bigger impression. Anytime you post anything to your profile think about the shortest, most informative way it can be expressed. EXAMPLE: Professionals appreciate accurate information in the fewest possible words.
  • Leverage your Community: Ever hear of the saying, “great minds think alike”? Well it proves true for social too. Identify trustworthy people with similar thoughts, stances, beliefs, and views and share their content. This approach helps you be associated with thought leaders, while simultaneously providing continuous fodder for your profiles. (Become best friends with the “share” & “retweet” buttons.)
  • Sharing is Caring: If you want to be perceived as an expert on anything, the quickest way is to help others feel knowledgeable. If you’re able to help others, you are indirectly helping yourself. Before posting anything to your profiles ask yourself, “Is this valuable information for my followers to SHARE or use?” If it not, rethink how you could make the content relevant for others.
  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Not feeling inspired, or just don’t have a lot to say? No problem. Find an image that represents you or the things you care about and post it. Photos are shared and viewed more than any other piece of content. Photos about your day-to-day life gives your social personality dimension and helps your followers feel like they know you.

These five steps are an easy guideline that will help you curate your social profiles. Remember to always be honest and genuine about your communications. Keep your audience in mind, it will ensure that you stay on the top of theirs.





Posted in on April 18, 2014