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Usability Redefined: Sales Cloud Keynote Recap

By Aaron Wang September 18, 2015

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We knew that the Lightning Experience was coming, but now it is finally here. Just this past afternoon, the Sales Cloud keynote gave us a deeper view of the user interface revamp to the core Salesforce platform.  

Led by Mike Rosenbaum, GM & EVP of Sales Cloud, the session began by showcasing Team Rubicon, a nonprofit dedicated to recruiting and placing military veterans for disaster response around the globe. Their aim is to continue providing ex-military individuals with a sense of purpose and identity, post service. Jake Wood, Co-Founder and CEO, spoke about how Team Rubicon uses Salesforce to communicate with donors and track their information. He noted how the new Lightning update will change the way his team uses Salesforce, since it creates simplicity for non-technical users, like himself.

Now focusing on the impact of Sales Cloud, Rosenbaum alluded to the two things that matter to a sales department: sales rep productivity and customer experience. He said, “Sales rep productivity is made up of modern design, intelligence, and automation”, all of which are encompassed within the new Lightning experience (first announced last month). Rosenbaum pushed that CRM should be the focus in organizations because it touches each part of the business.

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Customer Stories

Greg Keely, Executive VP GPP at American Express, spoke about how the Customer Success Platform (all of Salesforce’s products) allows for scalability and real-time action for their entire business. The platform has become a single source of truth for all sales and account development people to have member engagement. Keely reminded the audience to start with a minimum viable product (MVP) and iterate the solution for best impact.

Accenture, a 350,000 member organization needed Salesforce to manage leads and be in the cloud. Their implementation required global change management and rolled out to 150,000 employees over six months. It was made possible by the flexibility and usability of Sales Cloud to get everyone onboarded.

Salesforce Lightning Coming Soon

The headline announcement of the entire session:

“The Lightning Experience is being pushed out to sandboxes this weekend.” – Mike Rosenbaum, GM & EVP of Sales Cloud

Screenshot 2015-09-17 16.04.07Image: Salesforce

The highlight of the Lightning Experience was a focus on productivity that led to 50 new screens, 25 new features. Demoed features included:

  • Activity timeline – for tracking stages in a deal process
  • Salesforce Engage – allows for sales representatives to send emails and pull their own lists. Prospects can be easily dropped into nurture campaigns, such as right after having a meeting on the phone.
  • SalesforceIQ – announced yesterday, but shows full CRM context in an email mobile app. You can create a lead, contact, or opportunity in Salesforce right on your phone.
  • Sales Homepage – shows account insights, news, sales paths, and key information

For further information on Salesforce Lightning, read our in-depth post and be on the lookout for more information from Magnet 360. As always, please contact us with any questions, we would love to work with you to improve your business!

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