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Rockstar Business Analyst Moves To L.A.

By Aaron Wang November 2, 2015


Within the past couple of years, Magnet 360 has taken strategic steps to achieve our vision of becoming a national practice, opening locations in Chicago, New York, and L.A. This unprecedented talent explosion makes both us and our customers very excited. These offices also offer a unique opportunity for team members to travel, bringing their experience and curiosity wherever they go—bolstering the Magnet 360 culture and expertise nationally.

Our most recent mover is business analyst and Rockstar of the Quarter (Q2) Danielle Nelson, who was kind enough to answer some questions about her journey to Magnet 360 and L.A.

Q: Winning Rockstar of the Quarter is no easy feat. Could you tell us a little bit about what you’ve been working on recently and what it means to do good work?

Danielle: Well, I’ve recently relocated to our West office in Los Angeles, CA. I just completed a marketing automation project and am currently working on another mobile app project for a food manufacturing company. I’ve also spent a great deal of time getting to know our clients in the west and recently spoke at the OC User Group on the latest and greatest that came out of Dreamforce 2015.

Q: How did you first get started in business technology consulting? I saw that you studied English during college, tell us about how you changed your focus and/or career path. Salesforce and English are two very different worlds!

Danielle: I had intended to a be a teacher, but started out in the corporate world and fell into systems and Salesforce and realized how much I loved it and have kept on it for a little over 10 years. And I don’t know that Salesforce and English Composition are that far apart. A lot of my job is to translate business needs and objectives into a technical solution. A lot of what I learned in my english composition days helps with that—break down the story, understand the characters and design a narrative that leads to a great plot.

Q: Since you’ve been with Magnet 360 for a little over 2 and a half years, what has been one of your favorite experiences about working with us?

Danielle: The people!! Between my clients and my colleagues, I am constantly amazed at how intelligent, creative, and fun everyone I work with is. Two and half years later, and I still cannot believe how lucky I am to be working here!

Q: Is there anything that has surprised you being part of Magnet 360 since we’ve faced rapid growth?

Danielle: I think the thing that has surprised me is the fact that we still hold true to our Rockin’ culture and our core values. Oftentimes when organizations experience the type of growth we have, those characteristics become less important and sometimes even diminish, not with this group. It’s a beat that we all walk to day in and day out and keeps us aligned from engagement to engagement.

Q: You’ve just recently moved out to LA to support our West office, which is very exciting! What drew you to the West Coast?

Danielle: The weather. Who wouldn’t move to a place of sunshine all the time? It was that and it was a good time for my family to experience something new. It’s been a blast working with our West team and clients!

Q: Now that we know that you work hard, what are your pastimes? What do you enjoy outside of your job?

Danielle: I have a husband and three kids, so life’s pretty busy and fun outside of work with my family. We recently took advantage of our location and took a weekend trip to Disneyland!

Keep Rockin, Danielle!

As is customary when winning Rockstar of the Quarter, the honoree receives unique cover art for one of their favorite records. See Danielle’s pick below:


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Posted in on November 2, 2015