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Thanks To A Community That Continues To Inspire

By Matt Meents December 31, 2015


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As we approach the end of 2015, we can’t help but reflect on how thankful we are to partner and support so many awesome charities and causes. By contributing our talents and resources, we seek to serve the communities that we both work and live in.

Giving Back Began With Employee Number One

Supporting the communities in which we work and live has always been a significant part of our culture. Fifteen years, 100+ employees, and dozens of engaging events later, Magnet 360 has demonstrated the power of collaboration and the importance of sharing, to bolster community well-being.

Our paid volunteer time-off (PVTO) program gives employees the opportunity to volunteer during business hours. Recently, employees have used PVTO to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity, tutor children, and provide professional development coaching. PVTO enables employees to go out and make a difference.

Another innovative program that helps Magnet 360 make a significant impact in the community are its concerts in support of various causes. Driven by a desire to turn networking events into something more meaningful, Magnet 360’s fundraising events have impacted dozens of local organizations focused on education, children, and families.

Focusing On Community Excites Employees To Serve

At Magnet 360, PVTO, fundraising events, and other community activities bring people together, increase employee morale and, simply, make people happy. The leaders of our company understand the value in offering something that may not bring in new business or add profitability on the bottom line, but that feeds the top line — greater appreciation and company satisfaction for its employees.  

Employees often cite how grateful they are for the opportunity to have the support of Magnet 360 and ability to find the time to volunteer. Our employees say that getting involved in the community is not only a fun, positive use of time, but is also inspiring — giving a broader perspective of the world and opportunity to provide value within the bigger picture.

Serving With Organizations In The Community


These are just a handful of organizations our employees were involved in!

We just want to say thanks for your time, contributions, and willingness to let us contribute.

Thank You 2015

Your success is our success; together we improve the community where we both work and live.

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