Meet the 2016 Magnet 360 Roadies!

By Sam Bloomfield June 17, 2016


Each summer since 2013, Magnet 360 has had the pleasure of bringing a group of Roadies on tour and watching them transform into rockstars! This month, we are honored to welcome the 2016 Roadies to the band. This summer, these five individuals will be bringing the broad knowledge they’ve gained in the classroom to a real-world business setting. They are eager to spend the next couple of months exploring how Magnet 360 helps businesses engage with their most important audiences, while experiencing Magnet 360’s Rockin culture. We are thrilled to have them all on board! Meet the newest members of our band:



Eleanor hails from Eden Prairie, MN, but has spent the last three years studying marketing, management and human resources at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Working with the Business Consulting team, Eleanor already feels part of a very close community. She’s excited to continue building her personal and professional network at Magnet 360 and in doing so, hopes to find herself in various real-life situations where she can apply the knowledge acquired in her undergrad studies. Energized by the positivity and trust that Magnet 360 displays, she is looking forward to seeing what the next two months have in store. Though Eleanor isn’t a musician herself, she thoroughly enjoys Magnet 360’s Rockin culture, and thinks a business having an in-house band is awesome.



Also from Eden Prairie, Brittni joins the band as a Delivery Consulting Intern for the Marketing Consulting team. She just finished her third year of studying marketing and management at Iowa State University, and can’t wait to apply that knowledge to her work at Magnet 360. She looks forward to observing how Magnet 360 solves client business challenges while providing opportunities for growth, retention, and efficiency. She’s already embraced the opportunity to work with new people and is excited to see Magnet 360’s core value of Collaboration in action.


Sheldon_TanOriginally from Eau Claire, WI, Sheldon studies industrial and systems engineering, and computer science at the University of Minnesota. While enjoying his first Minnesota summer, Sheldon will be learning the ins and outs of the Salesforce platform as a Technical Development intern. He’s excited to work closely with the advanced and powerful technologies that are transforming businesses worldwide. In fact, he has spent the majority of his first week building a web service on Heroku that uses Node.js (JavaScript library) to leverage Salesforce APIs to pull in and manipulate data. Sheldon has already experienced the collaborative nature at Magnet 360, and can’t wait to see Magnet 360’s all-employee band in action during the next Rockin Rally in July.



Also a Technical Development intern, Jake just finished his junior year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying electrical engineering and computer science. Despite the long commute from Lakeville North, Jake looks forward to each new workday. He loves that Roadies really contribute at Magnet 360, helping to solve real business problems instead of performing mindless busy work. So far, he’s been working with Sheldon on the Heroku application, and can’t wait to learn about the full power of the Salesforce platform. His internship goal is to build some live applications that can be useful for Magnet 360. While there will certainly be a lot of hard work ahead, Jake admires how everyone in the band is laid-back and eager to help in any way—making it an easy environment to build a community in while still being highly productive and completing difficult tasks.



Sam is from Minnetonka, MN, but studies marketing out-of-state at the University of Denver. He’s thrilled to help the Magnet 360 Marketing team prepare for their biggest event of the year—Dreamforce! On the road to Dreamforce he’ll also have the chance to help plan and execute events, delve into campaign management, contribute to social media channels, and learn how the team uses marketing automation to create 1:1 relationships with customers, prospects, and partners. Sam has hit the ground running, learning more than ever, embracing the culture, and collaborating with all the amazing rockstars at Magnet 360.

Magnet 360 is excited to have the new Roadies on the team. If you or someone you know is interested in being a 2017 Summer Roadie, contact us today!


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