Meet Kim Gandhi, Magnet 360’s New Vice President of Consulting Services

By Doug Andersen July 27, 2016

Kim Gandhi Rockstar

The steady growth of Magnet 360, a Mindtree company, comes as no surprise to those who are paying close attention to the speed at which digital is transforming business and the global role that Salesforce plays in leading that change. Look a little closer and you’ll see how that growth is enabled by strong leadership, core values, and methodology, delivering success to our customers and pushing the boundaries of innovation. In order to continue evolving our global Salesforce practice and our customers’ vision we must build amazing teams by putting the right people in the right seats, especially as we expand into Europe and beyond. With that in mind, we are delighted to welcome Kim Gandhi, Magnet 360’s new Vice President of Consulting Services.

Kim brings with her deep consulting services and delivery excellence as well as program and project leadership expertise from a long history of leading both national and global teams. Her goals center on ensuring that the companies she works for are engineered to better serve the needs of their customers and continue to drive quality into the systems. As the VP of Consulting Services, Kim will push to further expand Magnet 360’s consulting and delivery capabilities and offerings. Sharpening focus on these areas will enable us to continue to deliver sound strategies and solutions to our customers and guide them through their Salesforce journey. Learn a little more about Kim and the passion that she brings to her role at Magnet 360:

Q: What excites you most about joining a company like Magnet 360 that has seen such explosive growth?

Kim: The opportunity to lead, coach, and cheer on our growing pool of incredible talent. Finding ways to improve upon team dynamics, and provide a creative, world-class delivery team to our valued customers will be immensely satisfying.

Q: Having worked at Salesforce, what knowledge will you bring to an implementation partner like Magnet 360?

Kim: Understanding the ecosystem and having partnered with their product teams and sales teams during my tenure as Director of Cloud Services at Salesforce gives me great context around their go-to-market strategies. This knowledge will be immensely helpful in building out our own capabilities, and ensuring the successful deployment of solutions that allow our customers to continue to be relevant.

Q: How has seeing the Salesforce platform grow and mature given you insight into what Magnet 360’s customers need?

Kim: Salesforce has a vast amount of curiosity when it comes to understanding and helping to build a customer’s journey, creating the new frontiers and relationships that are transforming business. By bringing that same energy to our team, I plan to help our customers dream the art of the possible and help our teams to develop the solutions to make it a reality. It’s energizing and exciting!

Q: From a consumer perspective, in what ways do you see digital transforming customer service?

Kim: This has been a huge evolution over the past few years. Every day, we are seeing the incredible ways in which Salesforce technology is driving new revenue, new ROI, and new end-user experiences that will drive a future of exponential growth. Magnet 360 is positioned well to be there to help our customers achieve those journeys and become the partner of choice when it comes to building out visions from our customer’s key stakeholders and leadership.

Q: Between the first strategy engagement to the final rollout of a project, what is your favorite step in the delivery process?

Kim: Great question! Normally, most people would jump at the end product and while seeing the fruit of your labor is always satisfying, I like to be in the mix when things get challenging. I love to troubleshoot for a win-win solution and when those plans come together after challenges have been introduced, the end product is always more rewarding—that’s when the true rockstars come out and really earn the trust of our customers by showing that we are truly committed to their success! Seeing our team grow and deliver new, innovative solutions, I am thrilled that we have found and nurtured the fantastic talent our customers value so highly.

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