ROTQ: Shane Smyth

By John Michinak November 11, 2016

The Rockstar of the Quarter is awarded to an employee that truly exemplifies Magnet 360′s core values. Nominated by peers and clients, this Rockstar receives a coveted Magnet 360 gold record and is treated to dinner and a concert of their choice.

Congratulations to Magnet 360’s Rockstar of the Quarter, Shane Smyth! Get to know more about this Rockin Senior Marketing Consultant:

rotq-shane-smythMagnet 360: How long have you worked for Magnet 360?

Shane: About two and a half years at this point.

Magnet 360: What has been your most memorable Magnet 360 moment?

Shane: Some of the most memorable moments I’ve had at Magnet 360 have been working with all the rockstars on projects and hearing the feedback from our clients.

Magnet 360: What do you consider the most rewarding part of your career?

Shane: It has to be the innovation that I’ve been a part of. Over the past two years our team has created some very cutting edge solutions for our clients.

Magnet 360: What characteristic do you value the most about the people you work with every day?

Shane: The characteristic I value the most in my colleagues is their readiness to assist and to help each other in every instance.

Magnet 360: If you could take the whole company out to participate in an activity, what would it be?

Shane: I would definitely take them out snowboarding, particularly to the Teton’s in Idaho.

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Posted in on November 11, 2016