Meet Jeff Kimble, Magnet 360’s Senior Director of Innovation Solutions

By John Michinak November 18, 2016


At Magnet 360, we are proud of our core values. When it came to our value of constant evolution, we knew we had to add Jeff Kimble to our Rockin team. Jeff is already bringing a new level of innovation to our evolving solutions worldwide. Meet our Senior Director of Innovative Solutions!

Q: Can you tell us a little about your background?
Jeff: I enjoy solving the really complicated and complex problems using Salesforce. I’ve spent the latter part of my career building custom Salesforce solutions, and have gone through the ranks from consultant, to senior consultant, and then architect. I came here because of Magnet 360’s trajectory. We’re in a position where we know how to use Salesforce in a way that many other companies don’t.

Q: What was one of the most memorable moments of your career so far?
Jeff: It has to be a project that I worked on with another new Magnet 360 employee, Rafa Hernandez. It was his brain child, but we both collaborated on what was essentially an IoT-enabled foosball table. The table utilized Arduino and Raspberry Pi, as well as Salesforce in the backend to keep track of statistics. It started attracting attention, and we were asked to present the project at Dreamforce 2015. By the end of the conference, random people were referring to me as “Mr. Foosball.” It was really exciting and fun to watch an idea born in a kitchen out of friendly competition grow into something that engaged thousands. It is a great example of how technology can play a role in everyday life.

Q: What was your first impression of Magnet 360?
Jeff: I was on the Salesforce App Exchange looking at the highest-rated Platinum Consulting Partners and one of the highest was Magnet 360. I figured that if clients rated it so highly, it must also be a great place to work! I was able to talk to Amy from talent who explained to me how Magnet 360 was strategically moving forward and I became immediately drawn to Magnet 360’s visionary approach to growth.

Q: What experience from your background are you excited to contribute to Magnet 360?
Jeff: My experience with global growth. We’re at a really exciting turning point, as the Mindtree acquisition has enabled us to gain access to large clients all over the world. It also brings us new challenges, such as running multiple parallel teams in a global context and problems surrounding internet connectivity in developing areas. It takes a specific type of person to solve these problems. I also appreciate my experience from smaller firms and really value closely collaborating with my team members.

Q: What’s the most challenging part about being the Senior Director of Innovative Solutions?
Jeff: We have a lot of momentum, so I’d say a big challenge is trying to stay in front of how fast we’re scaling. From a solution architect perspective, we need to make sure we have enough resources to support our sales team in our organization—I think the Traction approach helps with that.

Q: You’ve spent time in places all throughout the US—what do you enjoy the most about Minnesota so far?
Jeff: The idea that I could go fishing after work! I’ve really enjoyed the whole aesthetic of the fall color; the combination of trees and water are beautiful. The great outdoors plus the reasonable cost of living makes it a great place to live.

Q: Anything else to add?
Jeff: I feel like it’s so easy for a company to lose character and charm when going from small to big, or to start to feel like a corporate environment. But Magnet 360 got it right, and that’s really exciting. Not to mention how it’s full of interesting and helpful people. I can safely say I’m excited to get up and come to work every day!

Posted in on November 18, 2016