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Pardot: A Roadmap to Superior Marketing

By Lisa Schuble November 21, 2016


The powerful combination of Pardot and Salesforce puts marketers in the fast lane when it comes to passing competitors and guiding customers along their journeys. Pardot empowers salespeople and offers an enhanced marketing experience with its integrated analytics and reporting functions. Let Magnet 360 put your brand on the road to superior marketing.

Rev Up Your Marketing!

The average marketer has to keep tabs on as many as 13 channels, while trying to make sure revenue targets set by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) are met. Pardot can pave the way and help you speed toward your marketing goals. With Pardot’s Engagement Studio, you can easily create complex programs that reach as many channels as you need. With simplified scheduling functions and granular wait times, marketers will stay on the rails as a campaign rolls out.

Moreover, you can test the logic of a proposed campaign before you publish it, which allows for better forecasting of results and revenues. Utilizing Salesforce Einstein, which harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for marketing, Pardot offers smart content optimization. You can take a collection of assets and test its effectiveness in real time, and if something is not working, receive a recommendation on how to improve it. Leveraging AI, Pardot will send intelligent reporting alerts throughout a campaign to let you know whether your results could be improved.

Pardot takes automated email marketing farther than ever before. Simplified email navigation and saves mean that marketers spend less time on the nuts and bolts of the process and can focus more on results. At the same time, dynamic content in subject lines and emails themselves not only allow for improved reporting and A/B testing but also drive greater audience engagement. Email marketing can then be reinforced or supplemented with powerful social tools that can repost and include images to increase impressions.

See the Road Ahead

With enhanced reporting and analytics functions, Pardot offers effortless insights on the potential effectiveness of a campaign, along with real-time alerts once the campaign has been launched. Marketers can then seamlessly align Salesforce data and customize reports on that platform. You can create native reports and dashboards, glean additional data from partner apps, and integrate engagement data from the platform. With its ability to use both internal and third-party data, drill into it, shape it, snapshot it, and share it, Pardot offers a 360-degree view of your marketing journey.

The new Wave for B2B Marketing is a platform that incorporates Einstein technology to offer more actionable insights, which means an entire team can act based on drivers gleaned from data, such as campaign performance and channel predictions. Pardot can then recommend the best next actions and perform the automated tasks necessary to grow the pipeline in the most effective way.

Marketing and Sales Share the Road

The seamless integration of Pardot’s marketing functions with Salesforce, means that marketing and sales can collaborate more closely than ever. At a time when one of every five CMOs feels that sales and marketing need greater alignment, this can be the boost your brand needs to pull ahead of the competition.

Pardot marketing campaigns align directly and become Salesforce campaigns with unified hierarchies, reporting, and analytics in Sales Cloud. The campaign is executed with Pardot, but the sales team can collaborate and get real time insights via Salesforce. Both teams can then use Pardot and sales data in combination to influence campaigns and drive a greater number of touch points on customer journeys.

Using Engage, sales has the ability to utilize marketing-created, Pardot content in their own Salesforce emails. Marketing can distribute approved templates that maintain brand standards and include appropriate information to sales to drive greater audience engagement through cohesive, unified content across all channels. The sales team then has access to template reporting and real-time activity alerts, as well. Allowing sales managers to gain insight into the effectiveness of marketing efforts, see which templates are driving the best results, and learn how a rep’s usage of them have had a sales impact.

Start Your Engines!

Pardot offers the power boost your marketing needs to empower sales and fuel growth. If you’re ready to boost your brand’s marketing horsepower, Magnet 360 can show you how to take the wheel and motor past the competition. Fill out the form below to get more information or to schedule a meeting.

Posted in on November 21, 2016