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Meet Jeff Seabloom, Magnet 360’s New Executive Vice President of Global Sales

By Courtney Algeo February 7, 2017

Jeff Seabloom
A Rockin global company needs a Rockin global sales leader, and Magnet 360 has found one in Jeff Seabloom. As Executive Vice President of Global Sales, Jeff will oversee all sales for Magnet 360, Mindtree’s Global Salesforce Practice, with sales leaders and teams in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York City, and Munich.

Jeff is a world-class technology and sourcing executive who has been living and breathing enterprise technology for the bulk of his career, including executive roles at several +$100B enterprise software and technology organizations, such as Oracle, i2, Manugistics, and Hewlett Packard. His success in driving revenue, profit and shareholder value, as well as managing large and complex engagements in global enterprises involving the integration of people, processes, and technology will serve our Salesforce partners, customers, and internal teams well. Over the course of his successful career, he has worked with clients in a number of industries, with deep focus in manufacturing, retail, consumer goods, hospitality, and energy companies. Learn more about Jeff’s interesting and solid insights on the state of our business and overall technology below. Also, be sure to fill out the form if you would like to connect with Jeff 1:1.

What drives your passion for digital transformation and technology?

One thing is very clear—after over 30 years watching and managing in the technology and innovation “business,” I am positive the speed of change will never, ever be this slow again.

We will expect what once was expensive and almost fiction to be part of our everyday lives. The Internet of Things is a whole new game. Check your fridge from your smartphone, do you need eggs? Is the milk fresh? Autonomous, driverless cars are not just being tested, they are now being legislated. Device disintermediation (e.g. no longer need a watch and a phone), home connectivity, legal battles over passive listening devices, thermostats, lights, cameras, drones….and the robots will be watching and disrupting at a dizzying pace.

Here’s a glimpse into what I’m most excited about:

  • What has taken decades in the past will now only take a year, a month, weeks?
  • Speed of adaptation and adoption is what our clients and our industry
    (competition included) will embrace, not late projects and budget
  • Anything and everything as a service—disintermediation will be expected
  • Disruption. Disruption. Disruption. Who will the new players be?
  • Huge shares gained in the form of hard value achieved and costs
  • Supplier ecosystems—“coopetition”

With all of this speed and change comes an incredible increase of trust in providers of products and services, along with a huge need for closer collaboration. “Computer, find me the best Partner.”

What excites you most about transitioning into the Salesforce ecosystem?
Eighteen years ago, Marc [Benioff] had an idea that set the stage for what arguably has transformed into the entire conversation on Anything as a Service (XaaS), cloud, no software, etc. While some fought it, that single idea and risk created a $6.6B business and a $120B ecosystem. The amazing team, both leadership and beyond that Salesforce has built are people I know and trust. Wow! It’s truly inspiring.

What was your first impression of Magnet 360?
Why isn’t everyone the world screaming their name? I can’t believe that I didn’t hear about all this coolness earlier!

How do you plan to carry forward Magnet 360’s Rockin culture?
Continue to build trust with Salesforce, customers, and partners across industries, execute flawlessly, manage the sales business with urgency, thoughtfulness, and integrity. And I vow to never underestimate the power of collaboration.

If you could tell every CEO one thing about the future of business, what would it be?
The speed of innovation, change, and transformation will never be this slow again.


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