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Meet Mike Lingo, Magnet 360’s New Senior Director of Global Strategy

By John Michinak July 17, 2017

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Magnet 360’s Innovation Services team develops outcome-focused roadmaps and art of the possible solution stories so our customers get the maximum value out of their Salesforce platform. To do so, the team needs a leader who will build out innovative solutions for customers that drive value by creating well-adopted and dependable Salesforce solutions. We’ve found that in our new Senior Director of Global Strategy, Mike Lingo, who is ready to take this role above and beyond.

Mike and the Innovation Services team will work with the sales and delivery teams to sell a solution vision, strategy, and roadmap to help customers get more value out of the Salesforce platform, as well as understand how to manage their audience journey and customer experience strategy. Learn more about Mike and his role at Magnet 360.

 Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

As a 25-year veteran of enterprise software, I have spent an equal amount of time in my professional career working in either IT management roles or consulting. This experience has allowed me to understand the needs and requirements of the world of consulting. I get the most satisfaction working with customers to build art of the possible solution visions and deliver strategic perspectives. Pushing the Salesforce platform into key strategic solution areas for customers makes the solutions we deliver stickier and creates more customer value. That’s my ultimate goal.

How do you plan to carry forward Magnet 360’s Rockin culture?

As a leader, I want to create a sense of trust within my team and provide a safe, creative environment to explore and address the customers’ needs. Magnet 360 has an open and honest culture, which I saw right as I walked through the doors. Managing that perspective of trust earned every day and working at a pace that shows the customer how that differentiates us is really important to me. I’ll maintain Magnet 360’s Rockin culture in my role as a leader through key elements of my personality. I believe in work hard, play hard, which aligns with the company’s core values.

How will you help customers get the most value out of their salesforce investment?

For me, understanding our customers’ values starts at the very beginning of a sales cycle. As soon as you meet a customer, you have to take their genuine goal of how they will implement value into their Salesforce solution to heart and carry that thread of value throughout the whole process. When customers see that you sincerely care about their success, that resonates across every interaction and conversation with them. That matters.

Why are you passionate about technology?

Early on I always thought I was passionate about technology, but I have come to realize that what I’m most passionate about is the people. I grew up as a software developer and therefore I love gadgets, science and technology, but my passion for people comes first and foremost. Ultimately, it’s not really technology that makes our projects succeed or fail or what gives our customers a sense of value, but it’s the consultants, customer teams, partners, and vendor teams that contribute to creating a successful ecosystem. Consulting is a people business and the focus you put on people is a key element of customer engagement, which creates a higher level of success. That’s something that I feel very passionate about as a leader.

The Innovation Services team is relatively new to Magnet 360, what value does this team bring to the company?

The secret sauce of the team is really in their ability to look broadly across a brand perspective of our customers, and help them create a strategy that will drive tangible adoption of the Salesforce platform. We know how to be great listeners, and develop high-quality solution stories and visionary roadmaps that make customers want more from Magnet 360, driving them deeper into the kinds of services we can provide for them long-term.

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