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ROTQ: Kari Moser

By John Michinak September 15, 2017

Magnet 360’s Rockstar of the Quarter award is given to an employee who truly exemplifies the company’s shared core values. Nominated by peers and clients, this Rockstar receives a coveted Magnet 360 gold record and is treated to dinner and a concert of their choice.

Congratulations to Magnet 360’s Rockstar of the Quarter, Kari Moser! Get to know more about this Rockin senior business consultant:

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Magnet 360: How long have you worked for Magnet 360?

 As of this past July it will be four years.

Magnet 360: What has been your most memorable Magnet 360 moment?

I actually started out as a client. I remember during our first meeting at the Magnet 360 offices, Roscoe came around with the beer cart for Beer30 and I instantly knew it was my kinda place. LOL! On a more serious note, it was during my first few days. Everyone was so helpful and always willing to answer my questions and help get me situated, no matter how busy they were. It was such a supportive atmosphere…and still is!

Magnet 360: Which characteristic do you value most about your coworkers?

Their can-do attitudes. As with anything, there are areas in life that are smooth sailing and others that will really challenge you. I love that our team doesn’t give up. They will keep plugging away at a challenge until they have resolved it.

Magnet 360: If you had to give your team a band name, what would it be?

I know that it is already taken, but “No Doubt.” Why? Because a) it is one of my fave bands of all time and b) because that is how our Support 360 team handles requests…Client: “Can you get this request done for us?” Us: “No Doubt!”

Magnet 360: If you could take the whole company out to participate in an activity, what would it be?

Kari: It could be because it was just that time in MN, but I would say go to the State Fair. Something similar to a pub crawl…only with food. 🙂

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Posted in on September 15, 2017