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Meet Diana Eavzan, Magnet 360’s New Commerce Director

By John Michinak January 12, 2018

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Magnet 360’s delivery team is dedicated to providing clients with the highest possible level of services for all of their Salesforce needs. In such a fast-paced technology ecosystem, these needs are constantly changing, and the team itself must continually evolve in order to continue leading innovation in this space. The latest evolution of our delivery team is the addition of Diana Eavzan, who will be specifically focused on growing Magnet 360’s commerce practice. Diana is a veteran strategist, eCommerce, and UX expert, and we are very excited to welcome her to the band. We’ll let her tell you a little more about herself:

How did you end up here at Magnet 360?
I actually worked at Reside some years ago (which became Magnet 360), so I already knew several Magnetic Minds, like Matt and Eric, well. Back in the Reside years, my role encompassed web strategy, SEO & SEM marketing, and building websites for clients. Then I worked for an eCommerce company in the Twin Cities for some time, and was able to launch new brands for them and help drive their digital transformation and business results. Eventually, it was time for a new adventure. I had kept in touch with a few folks from Magnet 360, and was excited to watch the company’s tremendous growth as well as see them stay on the Star Tribune Top 150 Workplaces list. That being the case, I was very excited when the timing worked out for me to rejoin the team as Magnet 360 grows their Commerce practice.

What did you study in college, and how did this impact your career?
I graduated with an international business degree and a minor in psychology. A byproduct of the international business degree was that it taught me never to assume that we all think alike—whether we’re buying, selling, or even just living.  Psychology has driven my love of usability; and the web, specifically Commerce, really brought all of it together in the perfect career.

Let’s talk about Commerce, what are you most excited about regarding opportunities in this developing space within the ecosystem?
In the case of Magnet 360’s clients, many of them previously needed to use channel partners to reach their audiences, rather than interacting with them in the commerce space directly. It is very exciting to see them finally be able to go to their clients directly, using Salesforce as a platform. There are so many dots that Salesforce can help connect with their powerful ecosystem. We’re all customers; the frictionless experiences that we have when we shop on Amazon or other B2C experiences—we carry those over to other parts of our lives, and expect everything else (B2B, B2B2C, etc.) to be that easy. I’m very excited to work with technology such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud, CloudCraze, and all of the powerful integrations that are being created every day to solve business problems and drive ROI for our clients.

So true. According to Salesforce, 80% of B2B customers now expect a B2C experience.
Exactly! Expectations are high and climbing–this technology can definitely meet them.

What are you most excited for overall about this role?
I’m so excited to build out this new practice at Magnet 360 because it’s a great combination of existing strengths and capabilities of the organization combined with so much opportunity for growth in the space. We already have the technology expertise, now it’s about applying it to e-Commerce. Our existing clients can trust our expertise to solve even more challenges for them with our proven Magnet 360 methodology, and we’ll also be able to reach even more opportunities for business growth as an organization.

Quick round. What’s your favorite one of Magnet 360’s core value?
Client Trust Earned Every Day

Favorite artist/band?

Favorite song to air drum to in the car?
“Sunday Morning” by No Doubt


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