ForwardLine Triples Business Volume With Community Cloud

ForwardLine was founded in 2003 by a team of entrepreneurs and finance professionals committed to providing small business owners an alternative financing solution. A nationwide supplier of financing to Main Street businesses, ForwardLine uses technology and non-traditional credit algorithms to finance 98% of U.S. businesses that banks consider too small and too risky for a business loan.


  • ForwardLine needed a lending process that’s streamlined, automated, and would put capital into the hands of its busy small business clients quicker than currently offered.
  • Relying on non-automated paper processes to gather customer data and qualify creditworthiness, the loan process took 7 days—from application to approval and funding.
  • Other competitors in the rapidly growing industry were able to render a credit decision much faster.


  • Using Community Cloud, ForwardLine built a customized online loan application to capture data from customers, which is automatically synced to Sales Cloud without coding or costly integrations.
  • Since Community Cloud and Sales Cloud are tightly integrated, a large amount of application data can be pre-populated with customer information—greatly accelerating the loan process.
  • By incorporating its credit-scoring algorithm directly into Salesforce, customers can have a decision within 90 seconds.


  • Reduced the loan application and decision process from 7 days to as little as 5 minutes Fully automated, instantaneous credit decision for clients.
  • Application volume increased by 71% Application threshold increased from 6 to 20 (per team member, per day).
  • Business volume tripled without the need for additional staff.
  • Ability to easily build on to the community and extend engagement with customers in a more meaningful way.
  • An application process that’s as simple as applying for a business credit card.