Global Payments Company

Global payments company gains a competitive advantage with a user-friendly community


  • With so many competitive disrupters in the payment industry, it has become even more important to provide a world-class customer experience
  • Therefore, the company made it a priority to transform their digital interaction with customers and sought to upgrade their eSupport portal
  • They wanted a solution that would drive sales, decrease the cost of their support department, and provide a state-of-the-art customer experience


  • Moved the existing eSupport portal foundation to Salesforce Community Cloud and Service Cloud for a personalized customer experience
  • Further streamlined the case management process by presenting the customer with possible solutions for their issue prior to submitting the case and allowing them to log cases relevant to their products
  • Personalized the homepage by placing the customer case status front and center to provide customers full visibility into the status of their submitted cases
  • Updated the look and feel of the portal to make the experience more consistent with the company’s brand and easier to navigate
  • Built the portal so system administrators could easily maintain it with back end templates


  • The company offers an uplifted and modernized online customer support experience
  • The customers can now interact with the company directly without having to seek assistance from external discussion groups to help solve their problems  allowing them to maintain and grow their customer base
  • Enhanced case deflection functionality, improved self-service, and decreased case response times allowing the company to handle cases more efficiently allows the company to maintain and grow their customer base
  • The company gained a higher-level management of their customer support area and reporting provided visibility into customer cases statuses