Global Retail Company

More Industry Disruption in Retail: Ditching the Catalog for Digital

Despite being well into the Digital Age, the flagship brand of a global retailer was mired in manual processes that not only decreased the productivity of its sales teams but also jeopardized the company’s bottom line. In addition to its corporate outlets, the retailer relied heavily on independently-owned stores to drive sales of its products, but lack of efficiency in sales processes threatened the company’s ability to retain these business customers. Aware of our expertise in Salesforce-based solutions for the retail space, the retailer approached Magnet 360, a Mindtree company, to launch its digital transformation.


  • This global retailer relies heavily on independently-owned stores to drive the sales of its products, but the inefficiency of some sales processes threatened their ability to retain these business customers.
  • Sales representatives would visit the stores four times a year to advertise new products by flipping through a printed catalog page by page, and then using multiple legacy tools to capture and place orders. The entire process could take up to eight hours to complete.
  • This cumbersome process was too time consuming for all involved, which ultimately detracted from products on the shelves and orders in the pipeline—jeopardizing the company’s bottom line.
  • The retailer realized they they would risk losing sales and business customers unless they streamlined their ordering process from top to bottom by investing in a solution that boosted efficiency, enabled a more efficient ordering process, accelerated their products speed to market, and provided a world-class customer experience.


  • Magnet 360 and this global retailer partnered to implement a comprehensive engagement platform that consists of Salesforce Community Cloud, Sales Cloud, and CloudCraze.
  • Magnet 360 first migrated all existing account and sales data into Sales Cloud.
  • Implementing Community Cloud allows the retailer to create a community for each of their defined audiences and provide more targeted, personalized engagement. Communities enable sales teams, customers, and the retailer to communicate, collaborate, and share information and resources in real time.
  • CloudCraze, a Salesforce-native B2B commerce platform, provides a multi-portal digital marketplace with storefronts tailored to each business customer’s profile. It allows stores to easily browse and search for products, view product information and pricing, place orders, and track order status and history—all through one integrated system. Sales representatives are able to view accounts, track patterns, apply discounts and in combination with Sales Cloud, manage and track sales goals and identify opportunities to cross-sell and upsell.


  • This dynamic solution has transformed the way the retailer was engaging with their business customers.
  • By completely eliminating the printed catalog and replacing it with a top of the line digital marketplace, the retailer equipped their sales teams with a robust tool that allows instant access to important information while at store visits. Now, sales teams are considerably more agile.
  • The combination of CloudCraze and Salesforce helps sales representatives identify actionable sales and marketing opportunities from feedback data.
  • Migrating existing data into Salesforce gives the retailer a more robust picture of their business customers and processes.
  • Since the solution was implemented, the retailer has accelerated their speed to market, using the solution as a foundation to create four additional storefronts for four of their other brands in a matter of weeks.