Kaleidoscope makes more dollars go to students using Salesforce


  • With the rising costs of education, the number of students who are applying for scholarships has dramatically increased
  • The current scholarship application process is manual and laborious for both students and the program administrators
  • Paper applications are filled out by applicants and mailed to program administrators who then manually enter them into their internal system
  • Additionally, the outdated paper application process makes it hard for applicants to track their progress throughout the journey
  • Any information left out or minor mistake made on the application could potentially affect the student’s application negatively and reducing their chances of receiving the necessary funds
  • Kaleidoscope needed a product that would meet existing market demands by transforming the way students apply for scholarships and how enterprise companies manage their scholarship programs


  • Magnet 360 leveraged Salesforce Community Cloud to create a full end-to-end solution, assisting students and businesses from the sign-up of the applicant to distributing the funds to that applicant
  • Utilized Community Builder to create two communities, one for the student applicants and one for the businesses
  • The communities created an access point for businesses to collaborate with Kaleidoscope on the creation and execution of their scholarship program, and for applicants to easily fill out, submit, and track the progress of their applications
  • Implemented Sales Cloud and Pardot to create the ability to track and manage the sales process, including lead management, proposal creation, and effective handoff from sales to program management


  • Kaleidoscope is now able to go to market with a product that doesn’t just meet competitors’ offerings, but exceeds them by providing a superior experience for the student and businesses
  • Now students can map their scholarship/student loan journey all in one place, in real-time and all online
  • Additionally, automating a lot of these processes has helped to level the playing field for students who are seeking these funds
  • By moving the entire process online, companies are able to reduce the amount of resources needed to maintain their program, which effectively increases the amount of money that goes to the students rather than administration fees
  • The innovative solution has allowed Kaleidoscope to continue to help improve the future of education