Medtronic launches global community in eight weeks!


  • Provide a simple online way of collecting nominations to make it easier for users in remote areas to learn of the program and submit nominations.
  • Allow users to submit profile images and photos of their charitable work along with their nomination form.
  • Provide a way to manage and review nominations, and promote the nominee’s stories online.
  • Provide a way for the nominees to connect with each other in a secure, online environment.
  • Allow nominees to submit their stories but still allow them to opt out of participating in the community.
  • Allow users to promote the Bakken Invitation through social channels and track how often the site and stories are shared so that the “shares” can be tied back to a donation amount in order to further encourage users to promote the site.


  • Leveraged Chatter Communities to create an online community that integrated a custom registration process with the online nomination form to gather info about users’ charitable work, to share their stories, and to give them the option of applying for the $20k grand for charity.
  • Using custom Visualforce pages and objects, Bakken is able to collect and track all of the story submissions, funnel them into a queue for review, provide a concise scoring methodology for grant submissions, and display all of the approved stories on an interactive global map open to public viewing and tied into one-click sharing on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Created an online community for patients to share how they are giving back after receiving extra life from a medical device.
  • Gives patients the opportunity to connect with people who share similar health conditions, geographies, and charitable passions.


  • Just one month after the site was launched, the Bakken Invitation received 148 stories and 79 grant applications from over 20 different countries.
  • Registered nominees are able to log into the site, find and view other nominees and communicate with them.
  • Ongoing managed services agreement for continued enhancements. Potential for new projects each year coinciding with each award year.