Purina doubles engagement with award winning cross-cloud solution


  • Purina’s sales team was using Sales Cloud in the field to collect customer information and activities to help them gain a 360-degree view of their customer
  • However, their marketing team had no visibility into the insights collected to make them into meaningful customer engagements; causing their marketing and sales activities to be completely siloed
  • Purina recognized that in order to optimize the 360-degree view of their customers, Sales Cloud needed to work in harmony with their marketing programs


  • In collaboration with Magnet 360 partnered with Purina to implement a unique cross-cloud solution that connected Sales Cloud to Marketing Cloud and Pardot
  • Connecting Sales Cloud to Marketing Cloud and Pardot allows Purina to build robust customer profiles that empower marketing to deliver personalized content and sales to work more effectively and efficiently.
  • Further enhanced Purina’s instance of sales cloud with functionality such as a lead management system and event registration process