Effectively Engaged Employees: Key to COVID-19 Productivity and the Innovation to Drive Recovery

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As the impact of COVID-19 drastically changes the daily work lives of much of the global workforce, many employers are facing new, fast-paced challenges in ensuring connectivity, communication, and collaboration tools are in place to help teams remain productive.

For those of us in the technology space, we already work in a digital world. We are comfortable working, presenting, and meeting virtually, whether we are in our dining rooms, hotel rooms, or boardrooms around the world. We also leverage Salesforce technology like Chatter for communication, messaging, and collaboration every day, as do a lot of companies in the Salesforce ecosystem. We are lucky. Our leaders know how to disseminate updates effectively and we already know where to obtain information, ask questions, and take critical team connectivity out of “reply all” email threads.

Shifting solely to digital interaction hasn’t been as smooth for many companies. Many leaders faced a wide range of new challenges for which they were not prepared. Solving for those things during this critical time suddenly became key to managing everything from employee and customer safety to the bottom line.

Mindtree moved quickly to shift its nearly 20,000-person global work force to a remote working environment. Our leaders also developed a communication cadence for employees, delivering regular messages via our all-employee hub. With equal priority, a global task force was created to focus on how and where we could assist key customers with their business challenges and teams across geographies and functions were quickly collaborating virtually and developing plans and assets for that effort.

As the Salesforce practice for Mindtree, we know we can leverage our Salesforce platform expertise and the tools we already have in place to help other organizations during this time.

Leveraging Salesforce Lightning External Apps Plus, we packaged up a suite of employee-facing applications for multi-channel employee engagement and productivity.

Emergency Response App: A centralized, go-to area for employees to get emergency information, along with the most recent announcements and updates. In times of crisis, there are often multiple announcements per day. This app allows for updates and effective management of responses to employee questions and concerns.

News Center App: This app adds a secondary channel to deliver important news while supporting employees’ agile way of working. The News Center app makes it convenient to browse and read global news and blogs as per the user profile and function, and then comment, like, and share articles and information.

Everyday Actions App: This personal development app enables employees to work smarter in their day-to-day routine. They can engage in short activities—supported by tips and curated content—that fit into daily routines, therefore boosting productivity, healthy lifestyles, and effectiveness. Employees can invite others to join them in completing activities and can share experiences through individual content or through Chatter.

Ideation & Innovation App: Every company is impacted by COVID-19 and regular business demands every day. More than ever, we are all under pressure to pivot everything from products, to services, to marketing, in order to meet new and changing demands. The best source of ideas on potential new strategies is often the employees who are at the heart of the delivering on these new expectations. This app operationalizes digital transformation from the mind of those employees via a unified central innovation platform, allowing companies to improve direct business engagement with employees while generating innovative ideas that will be key to business recovery.

Now, more than ever, a strong organizational commitment to prioritizing employee well-being and effectively engaging them is critical. Employees are not only dealing with dramatic changes to their day-to-day work life, but they are also managing through a myriad of new pressures with home and family, and above all, trying to keep their loved ones safe. Anything leaders can do to make the workdays and weeks easier, and to ensure effective communication and collaboration channels are in place, goes a long way toward contributing to overall morale and productivity through these unprecedented times and beyond.

To learn more about the Employee Engagement suite of apps or Magnet360’s broader Salesforce capabilities and expertise, contact us for a meeting.