You’ve always offered your customers top-notch service—then you boldly turned up the volume by deploying Field Service Lightning across your enterprise.

One of the Field Service Lightning’s key tools is its Service Appointment Optimizer. What Optimizer does is automatically process batches of job requests. In Optimizer language, a job request means scheduling one resource — a field technician, for example — to one service appointment, at one designated time slot. This consolidates and saves from needing multiple resources at the enterprise scheduling level.

Unlike your business, however, Field Service Lightning’s onboard Job Optimizer is not infinitely scalable. This creates an issue when you’re working with more than 5,000 job requests at one time. Field Service Lightning’s Job Optimizer has an imposed batch limit of 5,000 — the maximum number of service appointments that Optimizer can process per request. And you’re only allowed to invoke one process request at a time.

Because a large enterprise can quickly exceed 5,000 job requests, a business needs to be able to invoke a scheduled Field Service Lightning Job Optimizer request without hitting any limits on the total number of job requests or number of services processed.

Fortunately, Magnet360, a leader in Field Service Lightning configuration, customization and deployments, has created a solution to address Job Optimizer’s limitations. When we addressed the issue, we realized that our Job Optimizer solution had to meet four key criteria in order to be successful.

First, it had to break out the total number of job requests in a given Optimizer batch in such a way that the total will never hit the imposed limiter of 5,000. Thus, the solution works within the existing Field Service Lightning framework and makes no changes to the software or platform itself.

Next, the solution had to work exactly the same way under all conditions. This means that a manually initiated Job Optimizer request will see the same results as an automatically scheduled Optimizer session. The solution also had to account for the fact that in Optimizer, if the first batch fails, subsequent batches continue to run.

Finally, we wanted the solution to limit the data that an Optimizer request processes to only service appointments with an “unscheduled” status. This last criterion is important for paring down the total number of job requests at the outset.

Magnet360 uses its new custom Optimizer Queue Object to create a uniquely-tailored solution to Field Service Lightning’s limits. The solution groups data into subsets, divided into categories such as service territories, then limits queries only to service appointments with an “unscheduled” status. This solution can be customized for any enterprise that regularly needs to optimize more than 5,000 job requests on the Field Service Lightning platform.

Magnet360’s deep Field Service Lightning expertise and industry-leading resources empower us to offer our customized solutions to businesses like yours. If you’re ready to amplify your Salesforce Field Service Lightning possibilities, contact us at: