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It’s halfway through Dreamforce week! For those onsite in San Francisco this week or trying to keep up with all the keynotes and announcements from work or home, it’s a crazy, sensory-overloaded time to be part of the Salesforce family. To help you cut through the noise, here are a few key updates that we think will be making the biggest impacts in the next few releases.

Acquisitions and Partnerships

  • MuleSoft-Acquisition
    • Salesforce’s acquisition of the integration behemoth, MuleSoft, is no secret at this point. The acquisition was made official earlier in May but already we are seeing significant opportunities for leveraging the integration platform across all of of Salesforce’s Clouds. The potential with this acquisition is significant and may take a few releases to make an impact to most end users, but if you look closely, you’ll see MuleSoft’s potential for influence on everything from IoT to Customer 360 to any other current and future API-driven aspect of the platform.
  • Apple-Partnership
    • A new mobile app is in the works with Salesforce’s recently announced partnership with Apple. The next-gen app will expose more native iOS capabilities allowing users to more effortlessly incorporate their daily Salesforce processes into their busy schedules.
  • Every company wants to understand who their customers are and what drives them. In most situations, however, this information is spread across numerous disparate systems that may or may not communicate with each other to give a meaningful view of the individual. Customer 360 aims to change that by connecting all the data that makes customers who they are and exposing it in meaningful ways on the Salesforce platform. Do you have customer information stored outside of Salesforce? No problem! With the right APIs in place, MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform can seamlessly integrate your customer data into your Salesforce experience.
  • The convergence of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and BI (Business Intelligence) has arrived! With the slew of new and constantly evolving Einstein offerings, businesses can identify patterns and make better informed decisions for their customers. Not only does this reduce overhead for you, but it will improve your relationships with your customers by allowing you to provide them with more accurate and targeted recommendations.
  • Unleash the power of AI and your imagination with Einstein Discovery’s story-driven, code-capable approach, or get some quick wins with Einstein Prediction Builder’s wizard driven configuration tools. Want to see if a Lead is likely to convert? Create a binary classification to analyze the Lead patterns in Salesforce to help your marketing team focus their messaging to increase conversion. Are you instead concerned about where your sales reps should focus their time? Create a regression prediction to estimate how long it will take an Opportunity to close so your reps can adjust their sales plans to identify which deals are most in need of their attention.
  • Einstein Voice unleashes the powers of natural language processing and AI to allow your users to—literally—talk to Salesforce and see immediate results. Your field reps can record a note, have Einstein Voice analyze the recording, pick out the context clues, and propose updates to your Salesforce data. Einstein Voice Assistant will provide the basic speech capabilities for your Salesforce environment and Einstein Voice Bots will be available for those interested in a more customizable approach.

Blaze your trail, Trailblazers!