For the sixth consecutive year, Magnet360, the Mindtree Salesforce Practice, has been recognized as one of StarTribune’s Top 150 Workplaces. More than 2,400 companies were invited to participate in the award this year, and recipients were chosen based on three key criteria: engagement, organizational health, and satisfaction.

Being honored as one of the Top 150 Workplaces stems from the unique culture of Magnet360, where the core values of Collaborative Spirit, Unrelenting Dedication, Expert Thinking, and Rockin provide for both an inclusive environment and a fun atmosphere. This culture creates a positive energy amongst employees that inspires learning and growth.

Magnet360 places a strong emphasis on empowering employees, and believes that placing employees first gives them the confidence to be their best selves and do their most innovative work. Community engagement is supported and encouraged by company leaders, as well as a strong work/life balance. As one employee states, “Never before in my career have I felt so empowered to innovate, as prepared to lead, and as inspired to deliver remarkable results. Our core values are truly a way of life.” This is just a small glimpse into how our culture inspires and succeeds, and how it has built a workplace that we’re proud of. We’re honored that this prestigious award recognizes the amazing environment we live and breathe every day.

Awards like these do not come without the involvement of others. Magnet360’s partners and customers provide opportunities for the organization to grow and improve, while embodying our core values. Our outstanding customers continually help us evolve through their willingness to innovate, while our employees lead the vision, strategy, and solutions through their expert thinking. Magnet360’s culture is truly made possible by its passionate and driven employees.

We are incredibly thankful and honored by the recognition from the StarTribune. Throughout the years of receiving this, we have never taken it for granted. Thank you to everyone who made this happen!