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B2B Commerce Accelerator

News flash: B2B customers are people, too.

OK, we all knew this. But if you surveyed the B2B landscape since the 2000s, you might find yourself wondering.

No doubt, today’s B2B customers expect their buying experience to be just as seamless as the way they shop as consumers. To remain competitive, manufacturers and retailers need to consider the user interface and overall experience they provide to their B2B commerce customers. Because customers appreciate a streamlined user experience—no matter if they’re buying for home or for business use.

That may seem daunting, but here’s how you can get started.

With the recent acquisition of CloudCraze, Salesforce brings a full-featured B2B commerce solution on to the platform. Magnet360 now offers a B2B Commerce Accelerator, designed to get your customers placing orders online as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible.

Why Salesforce B2B Commerce?

Salesforce B2B Commerce brings e-commerce natively to Salesforce. It is built to enable core B2B e-commerce functionality—like re-orders, quick orders, entitlements, order routing, and account hierarchies—with configurable settings that allow the use of features without code, taking advantage of the power of the Salesforce platform.

Also, commerce data is connected natively to the core Salesforce CRM objects, enabling a single view of customer activity across sales, service, and commerce. Plus, it’s extendable and flexible, built to customize only where it matters most, be it branding in the UI or logic in order processing.

Better still, Salesforce B2B Commerce can stand alone as an e-commerce platform or integrate with your back-office systems, such as product catalog, pricing, tax calculation, or order fulfillment.

Tips To Better B2B Commerce

Design considerations for today’s B2B customer:

  • Remember the goal: Offer B2C touches, while still catering to the frequency and volume issues unique to B2B customers.
  • Think responsive: UI/UX is more important than ever in B2B. It’s vital to understand how your customers shop and make sure that everything works responsively across devices.
  • Stay on brand: Flexibility to brand and style is key to creating a unified brand experience across all touchpoints.
Ready for Accelerator?

At Magnet360, our B2B Commerce Accelerator assists clients in setting a foundation and stimulating revenue to maximize the value of Salesforce’s offering. Over a typical span of 8­–12 weeks, Accelerator helps clients create a baseline storefront, while guiding them through the steps to create the full-featured e-commerce experience of their dreams.

Our service starts with a questionnaire to tease out specific needs and use cases. Next, we recommend the ideal Accelerator structure, ranging from a POC, to a small pilot with a select group of customers, or a larger rollout with simplified features.

Each of our B2B commerce implementations has resulted in measurable improvements to key commerce metrics, like cart conversion and units per order—exciting dimensions that signal digital channel transformation and incremental revenue. Accelerator includes the setup of some of these baseline analytics, to educate how the pilot users engage with the platform, inform future storefront enhancements, and instantly measure the value the platform brings.

With our years of commerce and Salesforce experience, as well as our portfolio of successful implementations of Salesforce B2B Commerce, we’re confident our Accelerator offering will speed B2B commerce into B2C’s well-oiled groove. And that means a better buying experience for B2B customers—and faster ROI and customer connections for B2B clients.


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