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Magnet360’s Rockstar of the Quarter award is given to an employee who truly exemplifies the company’s shared core values. Nominated by peers and customers, this Rockstar receives a coveted Magnet360 gold record and is treated to dinner and a concert of their choice.

Congratulations to Magnet360’s Rockstar of the Quarter, Tracy Alger! Get to know more about this Rockin Senior Project Lead.

Magnet360: How long have you worked for Magnet360?
Tracy: 3.5 years

Magnet360: What’s the most rewarding part about being a Salesforce Sr. Project Manager at Magnet360?
Tracy: I love our project teams! Every day I get to work with an incredibly smart and creative group of people who are problem solvers, leaders and just a joy to be around.

Magnet360: What keeps you busy when you’re not at work?
Tracy: I love hot yoga, cooking, gardening, playing with my dog and hanging out with my 12-year-old son. While I like living in MN, my second home is Big Sky, MT. The mountains are incredible. The hiking, skiing, moose that sometimes walk past your window…all of it is fantastic!

Magnet360: What was the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
Tracy: When I was a kid and would get overwhelmed with school work, my mom always told me to make a list and prioritize it. And now I am a project manager where my day revolves around prioritized lists. Thanks Mom!

Magnet360: If you could take the whole company out to one type of music event, what/who would it be?
Tracy: It would have to be at Red Rocks in Colorado which is, hands down, the best music venue I have ever been to. And while any show there would be amazing, I’d pick a Wilco show.

Thank you Tracy! Think you’ve got what it takes to be Magnet360’s next Rockstar of the Quarter? Check out our current openings.