During the same week as Salesforce’s rainbow-colored Spring ’17 release readiness premiere and the presidential inauguration, a small, community-led group of Salesforce leaders, evangelists, influencers, and contributors flew, drove, or bused their way to South Lake Tahoe, Nevada for the second annual Tahoe Dreamin’ conference.


Salesforce’s Community Recipe
Before delving into the event, let’s look at how Salesforce got here.  Salesforce has built part of its stand-out reputation in the enterprise software space by being known for its highly engaged and robust Salesforce Success Community, comprised of a diverse spectrum of customers and partners. The Salesforce Success Community has become the resource for answers to tough technical, product, and configuration questions and a source of ideas born, which contributes to Salesforce’s IdeasExchange. Salesforce acknowledges the power of this community, crediting both the IdeasExchange and Success Community participants for 61 ideas and 94,000 vote points which helped Salesforce deliver its upcoming Spring ’17 release, the 52nd product release since 2001. But that’s only the beginning—Salesforce’s Success Community has seen a major uptick in momentum the past few years with the explosion of Salesforce User Groups sprouting up across the globe and the advent of Trailhead, Salesforce’s learning platform, which has socialized the learning process and adoption of Salesforce.


What Sets Dreamin’ Apart
Tahoe Dreamin’ and events of its kind symbolize the newfound growth and breadth of the

Leah McGowen-Hare (Director of Employee Content Strategy, Trailhead) at Salesforce

Salesforce Success Community’s impact. While it does share the same first five letters with Dreamforce, there are many things that set this event apart. For starters, it is a community-ledevent hosted by the Salesforce Community for the Community. Collaboration, one of Magnet360’s core values, was evident throughout the two-day event. Tahoe Dreamin’ is hosted by a group of working professionals, partners, and customers who are reflected in the event’s leadership team of eight including co-founders Bill Greenhaw (Salesforce MVP) and Michelle Regal, who both also lead regional Salesforce User Groups.

What also sets Tahoe Dreamin’ apart is its format. Beyond offering attendees three distinct

Chris Fox (Principal Product Designer) & Samantha Ready (Senior Product Manager) from Trailhead at Salesforce

learning session tracks (Administrator, Developer, Nonprofit) for all things Salesforce, and attracting first-time partner Salesforce.org to join, the event also hosts a conference-wide networking dinner for participants to deepen connections and collaborate on ideas. The event creates a great opportunity for product managers, technical developers, admin customers, partner consultants, and product vendors to get together and share what they believe makes Salesforce great, and how it can continue to evolve their platform.

It’s that community cross-section of learning and constant evolution that attracts many people to these community-led events, including the keynote speaker, Sarah Franklin, General Manager of Salesforce Trailhead. Salesforce even brought its Trailhead design team to gather feedback and gain insights from attendees around the future path of Trailhead (pun intended).


Despite the avalanche of snow that fell on South Lake Tahoe over the two-day event, it was clear that there is no stopping the talent, ideas, and collaboration that the Salesforce Community has fostered. The event served as a reminder for partners like Magnet360 that our impact and contributions take on many forms, including our consulting professionals’ commitment to the Salesforce Community.

About the author

Guiseppe Hammer

Guiseppe is a Co-Leader of NYC Salesforce User Group. He is passionate about making our world better by preparing it for the future. He leverages his extensive expertise in technology, sales, and finance to enable our clients to outgrow themselves through smarter processes.