The start of a new year is the perfect time to revisit the values that mean the most to us. Upon reflection, a powerful article I read earlier this year came to mind. The article discusses the importance of investing in experiences rather than material goods. It explores how experiences help to form our personal identity and motivate us to further pursue our passions. The article resonates with me, not only because of the holiday season, but because I believe that it echoes many of the same cultural values that we hold at Magnet360.

The leaders of our company are passionate about ensuring that the policies in place encourage our employees to engage their minds and hearts both inside and outside the office. Our experiences shape our culture, and provide our workforce with a diverse set of skills and perspectives that enable us to develop unique and innovative solutions for our customers. Whether it’s attending a rock concert, taking a deep sea fishing vacation, spending time with our new Mindtree family in India, or volunteering at a local homeless shelter, our experiences form our character; and I believe the character of our employees is invaluable to our success.

With that, take a look at a few of our employees’ most memorable experiences of 2016.

Kim Gandhi, vice president of Delivery, and Jennifer Kraulik, senior director of Delivery Integration, visited our Mindtree family in India after they acquired Magnet360 in January.

Collectively our employees have spent 460 hours of paid volunteer time-off working for organizations like Abbey’s Hope Charitable Foundation, Technovation[MN], and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Many Magnet360 employees (and their little ones) took advantage of their paid time off to travel and see the world.

Alicia Gunderson, senior manager of Partner Business Development, and Adam Post, marketing automation practice lead of Innovative Solutions, accepted the 2016 Salesforce Partner Innovation award for Best Cross-Cloud Solution on behalf of Magnet360.

From NASCAR races to the 41st Ryder Cup hosted in Minnesota, Magnet360 employees enjoyed various sporting events.

I hope that you too have been able to spend time reflecting on the experiences that have molded 2016. Here’s to a new year of living life to the fullest and creating many new experiences!

About the author

Matt Meents

Matt Meents is the CEO and co-founder of Magnet360, which was acquired by Mindtree in 2016 and serves as its Global Salesforce Practice. Over the past 20 years, Matt has been a technology visionary, adaptive leader, and initiator of entrepreneurial growth in tech communities worldwide. At Magnet360, he is responsible for providing strategic vision and direction for its customers and company alike, as well as fostering the company’s dynamic culture.