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With the unpredictable nature of a crisis and the expectation of real-time, aroundtheclock answers, it is important that your technology enables you to make and deploy communication seamlessly. This topic has never been more relevant than it is today, while COVID-19 is impacting people and businesses around the world. Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help manage your marketing strategy, whether it’s during this global pandemic or a future emergency. 


A beautifully designed, hyper-personalized email may be your brands go-to strategy on an average day but it’s likely not realistic when executing during a crisis. You can’t predict what your content, audience, or timing will look like when it hits, but you can be prepared to execute more quickly. Here’s a list of the top five things you can do to be prepared: 


1. Utilize Marketing Cloud’s Email Studio and Content Builder to create simple content blocks and email templates. 

  • Keep a simple, drag and drop, optimized, and tested email template ready to go so that no coding or intensive testing will be needed to send your messages out quickly.  

2. Manage consumer segmentation lists and groups via the Subscriber tab in Marketing Cloud’s Email Studio.  

  • Data is often one of the trickiest and messiest parts of marketing. Ensure there is a process to quickly create new segmentation lists. Consumers are receiving an influx of information from the news, their favorite brands, their communities, and more. Be thoughtful when you’re sending to your entire audience and continue segmenting your data, so your point makes itway to the right people. 

3. Take advantage of Marketing Cloud’s Automation Studio and Journey Builder to make changes to current campaigns. 

  • Remember all the hard work you’ve put into planning and creating automations? Use the calendar and check all running triggers, automations, and journeys to ensure content is still relevant and sensitive during this time. You may consider pausing campaigns that aren’t timely or relevant to push out during a crisis.  

4. Engage with customers on Marketing Cloud’s Social Studio or use Mobile Studio to communicate through additional channels.  

  • Cross-channel communication is a great way to reach your customers where they are. Along with email, share the content across social, push notifications, SMS, and more. 

5. Be authentic. 

  • While it’s important to stay connected to your customers, especially during these difficult times, it’s also important to remain authentic. Make sure your communications are human-centered and compassionate.  


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