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The retail landscape is changing

Goodbye buttoning up your Saturday best for an afternoon of ambling through aisles, hello throwing on a pair of sweats and sprawling across the couch, iPhone in tow. How and when consumers choose to shop is changing rapidly. Long gone are the days when a trip to the local department store was an all-day family affair. Now anyone can check off their grocery list, buy a new work outfit, and order the tell-all memoir by whatever celebrity is causing the latest tweetstorm with a few taps of a screen.

Brands want to meet their customers where they’re at, and today, where they’re at is just about everywhere. As online purchasing continues to rise, retailers are being forced to reimagine the traditional customer experience. The demand for an omni-channel customer journey has never been greater, and, luckily, the tools needed to help get brands there have never been more powerful.


A new era of e-commerce

As a Salesforce platinum partner, Magnet360 understands the immense value of omni-channel for retail. So when Salesforce announced it was launching a new commerce business division last summer, we were proud to be on trend.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is rapidly developing the platform into a full-fledged e-commerce powerhouse. Magnet360’s expertise with Salesforce data and our early partnership with Commerce Cloud gives us a serious leg up in understanding how to harness the full power of the omni-channel retail experience.

So how exactly does Commerce Cloud fit into the new retail landscape?


Empowering personalization

While scrolling through images of items on a screen might seem less personal than a face-to-face conversation with a customer service rep, if done right, digital interactions can be just as–if not more–customized than their traditional counterparts. With vast amounts of audience data available, retailers are now able to create a highly-curated experience for each customer based on their individual interests and digital habits.

Commerce Cloud’s platform empowers brands to create a consistent, personalized customer journey across all platforms–digital, social, mobile, and, yes, even good ol’ brick and mortar store. Brands that capitalize on this opportunity to engage their audience will achieve greater sales, customer loyalty, and growth (and if they’re especially lucky, maybe even reach the viral sensation levels of Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign). Behold the power of personalization!


Enhancing communication

In the new retail landscape, social media provides a unique space to engage in two-way communication with consumers that goes beyond basic feedback. If brands are truly listening, that dialogue can provide meaningful insights about where and how customers are discovering and using their products.

Social media can also be a great marketing tool to help guide customers to particular products or services, and create buzz for limited product releases and store flash events. With Commerce Cloud’s omni-channel delivery, translating that touchpoint into an actual sale is easier and more seamless than ever.


Increasing efficiency

The rise of mobile devices opens up the possibilities of both how and when a brand can reach a customer, and the traditional model of one primary household buyer making the majority of purchasing decisions is no longer as relevant. The face of the average consumer is changing (say hello to Gen Z!), but the expectation of a fast, streamlined process no matter how or where they make their purchase remains consistent.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows customers to reserve, buy, pay, fulfill, and receive services from nearly anywhere. And for retailers, the all-in-one platform’s merchandising and order management components makes sourcing products from smart warehousing and delivering them to customers incredibly efficient.


Bringing it all together with Magnet360 and Salesforce

As the retail marketplace continues to evolve, the unified shopping mentality strengthens. More than ever before, brands are meeting customers where they’re at and giving them exactly what they want through a unique personalized experience. With new technology and better data, once siloed customer touch-points are being pulled together into one streamlined journey.

If all this sounds like a lot to take on, well, that’s because it is. But Salesforce Commerce Cloud makes it simple to manage the full customer journey–from website marketing and mobile orders to inventory management and in-store merchandising–from one intuitive interface. At Magnet360, our partnership with Salesforce and deep knowledge of the retail experience gives us a broad understanding of how to execute omni-channel strategies from start to finish. We won’t just show you how to you implement the necessary tools, we’ll help you create a comprehensive vision and provide the implementation and design services to execute it flawlessly.