Ecolab Gains Competitive Edge with Salesforce IoT


  • Ecolab’s Food Retail customers were looking for solutions to improve their food safety programs while optimizing labor costs. In many cases, these existing food safety processes were manual and paper-based, resulting in limited visibility and management options.   
  • Ecolab saw an opportunity to improve these process by delivering an integrated digital solution that captures key insights from each location and translates that into targeted actions and management tools to improve food safety results.


  • Ecolab collaborated with Magnet360 to build a solution that leverages multiple technologies to create tailored business applications that provides their customers with proactive, real-time food safety solutions and creates a collaborative environment for their sales and service teams. 
  • Millions of data points are collected via a mobile digitized checklist app that is used by customers to log and validate the environmental health and conditions at their location daily. Additional data is captured through IoT sensors and on-site Ecolab service associates to obtain a real-time, 24/7 view of that customer’s location. 
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Community Cloud are integrated with Salesforce IoT to turn all of the fine-grained events collected from customers and service members into high-level actionable business events.                                                           
  • Salesforce IoT’s rules detect business events that require follow up, such as improper food handling, incorrect hot or cold food temperatures, or anything that could jeopardize the health of the public. When detected, its integrations with Marketing Cloud, and Community Cloud are used to trigger notifications, reminders, and training to customers on each event.   
  • Salesforce IoT rules are able to monitor for completion, triggering reminders and escalations when needed, to ensure that corrective actions are implemented correctly and in a timely manner.


  • On a tight timeline, Magnet360 deployed one of the first successful cross-cloud solutions that involved Salesforce IoT. With the solution, Ecolab, a global leader in food safety protection, can improve customer outcomes. By combining data with the context of the customer they are able to trigger the right action at the right time.  
  • The key insights that are developed as part of this solution ensures that the correct team members are alerted to issues and provided with the proper training and tools to ensure consistent resolution, a critical need to ensure food safety across large scale organizations. This leads to better compliance, operational efficiency, increased food quality, and higher customer satisfaction. 
  • The solution is also more streamlined than current manual and paper process improving operational efficiency. 
  • Ecolab can also use the data collected by the solution to look at common industry issues and trends to help them better understand their customers’ businesses and deliver competitive advantage.   

Every one of the projects that Magnet360 has done has been on-time and on-budget. They are a key advisor to our technology strategy—bringing great feedback from other industry leaders and helping us make key investments and decisions in our technology strategy. They have been a key partner for over eight years, have a broad range of expertise and have provided significant value to our company.” – Tracy Thomas, Director, Ecolab Commercial Solutions.  

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