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All of commerce history is grounded in the notion that brands want to be where their customers are. This was easier when customers and brands interacted in fewer places. Now, customers can connect with brands anywhere at any time, providing themselves with an omnichannel experience that extends across both physical and digital interactions. To stay in step with their audience, it is imperative that businesses remain relevant across all stages of the new buyer’s journey by using customer data.

If handled strategically, the rise of the connected customer means more opportunity, data, and growth for companies focused on cultivating innovative sales and marketing technologies. This offers the added benefit of data that can be used to gain insight into an audience’s interests and digital habits. Brands that are able to engage their audience through personalized customer experiences will achieve greater sales, customer loyalty, and growth. Magnet360’s proven process combined with our unique relationship with Salesforce makes us the perfect partner to give you competitive advantage through digital transformation.