Creating a Digital Consumer Goods Experience

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Creating a Digital Consumer Goods Experience

This month, Magnet360 is introducing a new, bundled solution to enable rapid digital transformation for consumer goods (CG) brands. ConsumerConnect 360 was developed in response to emergent challenges that traditional CG companies face when it comes to engaging consumers.

A certified Salesforce Fullforce solution, ConsumerConnect 360 is a cross-cloud, digital experience platform that harnesses the power of Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, and Analytics Cloud. Because it can be deployed rapidly, CG brands are able to implement the solution with lower costs and speed their digital transformation in response to market and end consumer challenges.


End Consumers Demand Channel Choices

Consumers, more than ever, are in control. Technology has disrupted the consumers research, purchase, experience, and interact with CG brands. One-way messaging and fulfillment across a channel or two is no longer enough to reach today’s sophisticated consumers.

CG brands and their retail partners must be able to predict and respond to consumer desires for “anywhere” purchasing and fulfillment. Companies like Amazon, for example—with its drones and same-day delivery in many cities—are both responding to and driving consumer desire for rapid gratification without the need to visit a brick-and-mortar location. At the same time, consumers still demand the availability of CG products in physical locations that they can visit at their leisure.

Because it’s no longer as clear as it once was which channel(s) consumers will use when making purchasing decisions, CG brands must be able to fulfill orders across as many channels as possible.


Consumers Crave Collaboration and Experience

Consumer “experience” with a CG brand is no longer simply seeing a message, completing a transaction, and using the product. Today’s consumers value true experiences over accumulation of possessions. Thus, when they search for consumer goods, consumers seek service along with more-tangible experiences like connectivity and interactivity

Why buy a basic light switch when you can purchase one that connects to your smartphone and can be controlled from another continent? Why pick up a phone to order a pizza when you can tell an appliance to do it for you? Consumers want to interact not only with products but with CG brands themselves.

Today, CG brands need to offer ways for consumers to research products and connect with the brand, as well as other consumers. Buyers need instant support and a platform to share their experiences with products with other consumers and CG brands. CG brands, for their part, have to deliver messages to consumers via email, blogs, and other customized content through multiple channels in order to engage consumers at a 1:1 level.


ConsumerConnect 360 Meets Market Challenges Head-on

ConsumerConnect 360 leverages Community Cloud and Service Cloud to empower a CG brand to nurture consumers as they evaluate product options, offering detailed information and social engagement over services like “Ask an Expert.” Scalable, world-class customer service becomes possible with features enabling consumers to open cases, engage in self-service, or search for a socially-connected community solution, all of which drive engagement and retention.

Marketing Cloud and Analytics Cloud pair with geolocation functionality to deliver location-based products and drive geo-specific engagement. Consumers receive content and products where they want it, when they want it. Personalized customer experiences such as these exceed expectations, and can be further enhanced by creating content-focused consumer digital journeys with analytics and rich, individual point of sale data. As a CG brand builds more robust consumer profiles, it can leverage engagement data to identify additional touch points, create cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and drive customer loyalty.

To get through the noise of a thriving global marketplace and engage today’s consumers, a CG company must undertake a digital transformation from its traditional business functionality to a responsive, proactive, collaborative, experiential brand. And this is exactly what ConsumerConnect 360 was designed to do.

Learn more about ConsumerConnect 360 here.