Fortune 500 Company Boosts Sales Effectiveness and Account Growth


  • This Fortune 500 is a multinational manufacturer and marketer of high quality, brand name food and meat products for consumers around the globe. They own some of the world’s most iconic brands.  
  • With no reliable CRM in place, the company was unable to track sales history and activity.
  • When sales team members visited customers, they lacked an account history to reference, causing them to start their sales process from scratch each time.  
  • The sales teams worked off of weekly sales plans, which were discarded at the end of each week and had no long-term value. 
  • The company needed an efficient way to hold sales accountable and incentivize them based on records and data. 


  • Magnet360 implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud, designed with Lightning Components and mobile accessibility. 
  • This allows sales to record their weekly business plans, creating a 360-degree view of each customer. 
  • To support long-term success, Magnet360 provided the team extensive training to ensure they were using the platform effectively and efficiently. 



  • One unified platform that boosts sales productivity and creates a holistic view of performance.  
  • Improved efficiency for sales reps by enabling Account, Contact, and Lead Management with opportunity tracking, and updates available remotely. 
  • Now sales can access historical activity and business plans, review reporting, and load and manage externally sourced leads.  
  • The solution has mobilized the division—sales members can enter notes immediately after on-site meetings, and managers can access reporting on the go to provide more timely coaching. 
  • Managers and executives have immediate access to results and tracking progress on business plans. 
  • Opened communication and collaboration with real-time Chatter updates to entire teams, regions, and divisions. 
  • Better visibility to pipeline activities and opportunities.