Honeywell Transforms Into a Customer Company Using Product Integration


  • Homeowners are increasingly expectant of a connected and integrated home services experience. 
  • Homeowners often seek professional help for furnace and air conditioner questions. Historically, these questions could only be answered via a home visit, taking time and money to troubleshoot. 
  • It usually took something breaking before a contractor received a call, putting them into reactive, “hurry-up” mode to fix issues for an upset homeowner. 
  • Additionally, the thermostat market demanded a more consumer service-focused strategy, where predominately it had been transactional by nature. 
  • Honeywell needed a new opportunity to generate a new revenue stream to their ECC homes division. 


  • Magnet360 leveraged Salesforce Service Cloud and Community Cloud to create a first-of-its kind HVAC dealer portal that allows contractors to offer 24/7 remote monitoring services that leverages HVAC data coming from the Honeywell connected thermostats. This allows both contractors and homeowners to have real-time access to their HVAC controls proactively. 
  • This new community portal integrates the data from homeowners’ thermostats to the dealer community and provides that data to select contractors on a subscription basis. 
  • Integrated the portal with a third party cloud-based payment system, providing a “one-stop-shop” experience for contractors. 
  • Enabled mobile access across the entire portal solution, allowing contractors access to information from anywhere at any time. 


  • Complete connectivity for Honeywell’s employees, contractors and customers to their products and services. 
  • The mobile component allows for contractors to respond to customers’ questions and needs in real-time, with accurate information. 
  • Thermostat dealers can now service their customers’ needs more efficiently with data provided from the portal. 
  • Product-integration into a community portal makes Honeywell products function as a service provider. With the connection of the product, to data, and then into a community, Honeywell can anticipate customer needs, providing their contractors more opportunities to service their customers. 

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