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Strategic Partners

Magnet360 collaborates with some of the top cloud technology partners who deliver world-class services and products tsupplement Salesforce. Together, we ensure our customers extract the full potential out of Salesforce, and maximize their technology investment. Interested in partnering with Magnet360? Fill out the contact form below.


Conga provides automation solution for streamlining documents and contracts for your business. This allows you to execute sales more quickly in order to keep your business in front of your competitors. With the Conga Product Suite you have the flexibility to automate your whole process, or just specific parts depending on your needs. By leveraging the power and data of Salesforce, Conga empowers you to act faster in a highly competitive business landscape.

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Jitterbit’s technologies give a strategic advantage to their clients. Focusing on wide scale integration and API Transformation to allow SaaS, cloud and on-premise applications to integrate with Salesforce. This integration allows you to continue using the business applications you already use every day but with the power of Salesforce behind it helping drive your business.

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Mediafly presents the evolved selling solution for its customers. Enabling reps in the field to have up-to-date sales content at the touch of their fingers, allowing them to create smarter and more dynamic presentations for potential clients. With an advanced metrics analytics examining the entirety of the sales process, you can see what data is helping you the most for those who matter most.

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