ISG Recognizes Magnet360 as a Leader in Salesforce

ISG Recognizes Magnet360 as a Leader in Salesforce

ISG Recognizes Magnet360 as a Leader in Salesforce: Professional Services for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud

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ISG Provider Lens™ delivers leading-edge and actionable research studies, reports and consulting services focused on technology and service providers’ strength and weaknesses and how they are positioned relative to their peers in the market.  

They recently did a research report comparing provider strengths, challenges and competitive differentiators. In this study, Magnet360 was recognized in the ISG Provider Lens™ – Salesforce Ecosystem study. We were recognized as a Leader in the United States.

“Magnet360 provides a strong Salesforce related portfolio with numerous productivity tools and comprehensive industry solutions.”  

The ISG report calls out Magnet360’s strengths around:  

Industry solutions and accelerators: Magnet360 has several industry solutions, including offerings for consumer packaged goods and retail, manufacturing (including IoT aspects), financial services (where it has a focus on insurance and partners with Duck Creek) and the Patient Engage solution for healthcare. Connected Manufacturing from Magnet360 provides a powerful and innovative solution for Service Cloud that uses IoT elements extensively.  

Methodology: The methodology Magnet360 brings to project engagements is well developed and includes a variety of accelerators to support specific project activities. These include Code Analyzer, Org Optimizer, Risk Base Testing and others. Magnet360 applies strong focus on the initial project phases, where its Fast Forward methodology is applied for strategy development and roadmap planning. Appropriate stakeholder participation and governance structures are well considered.  

Attention to data quality: Data management gets high attention in Magnet360’s project methodology, which includes measuring data quality as part of the business performance assessment. This approach allows quality assurance for the final results of an implementation project.  

Customer commitment: Magnet360 has a strong U.S. customer base and has won multiple partner innovation awards for its work with customers. The company’s share of outcome-based project is rather high compared to its T&M engagements, indicating it takes co-responsibility for the project success. 

Magnet360 is an implementation partner that has always been specialized on Salesforce implementations with a strong respective portfolio, including numerous powerful accelerators. Meanwhile, being part of Mindtree, there is now the ability to cover the integration with other packages as well.”  


Professional Services for Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud—USA
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Professional Services for Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud—Germany
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