Leverage Out-of-Stocks and Lift Revenue with Einstein AI on Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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As we’re all living in these strange times with not much else to do besides scroll through Instagram, make TikToks, watch the news, and shop online. It seems that as each week passes, new buying habits emerge based on our quarantine status. Whether it’s toilet paper, medical masks, sweatpants, or hair dye; as a B2C retailer it’s almost impossible to keep these rotating essentials and popular items in stock when customers need them most.

So, how can you keep conversion up, when it seems like “ADD TO CART” has switched to “SOLD OUT” for almost every product on your site?


Emulate Your Store’s Best Associates on Your Website with the Power of Einstein AI

Einstein for Commerce features are directly embedded into the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform. Einstein brings a powerful set of predictive and personalized product recommendations powered by AI and machine learning to your storefront. It leverages each specific shopper behaviors and purchase data as well as the wisdom of your aggregate site data to dynamically recommend products relevant to each shopper’s needs. Einstein becomes your store associates in the aisles—redirecting shoppers to similar items and items that are in stock to save the sale and keep customers shopping.


How Can I Use Einstein to Increase Conversion?

Leverage Your Out of Stock Items—Surface Predictive Recommendations

It may sound counter intuitive to continue to show out of stock items, but keep those on your site–they’re anchor points as many will be your shoppers’ “usual items” or best-known items (plus you keep the items available for Search Engines to crawl which keeps traffic coming to your site). Leverage Einstein to dynamically recommend similar products to your shoppers via “Similar Products,” “Customers Who Viewed This Also Viewed These,” and more based on customers’ browsing behavior.

  • According to a study by Barilliance, customers who click on the product recommendations have a 5.5 times higher conversion rate than those who do not. 1
  • Additionally, personalized product recommendations contributed to 31% of the best performing sites’ revenue, while the global average was 12%.1


Master the Smaller Screen—Let Einstein Determine Sort Order

Now, more than ever shoppers are browsing and purchasing from the couch. Smaller screens equal less real estate for non-relevant products.

Leverage Einstein’s Predictive Sort feature for product categories and search results. Instead of your web merchants scrambling to manually sequence products trying to serve every customer’s desires with one sorting sequence (impossible and time-consuming), use Predictive Sort as your default sorting rule and let the behavioral data, in-stock criteria, and the shopper’s past purchases dynamically drive the best sequence of products for each shopper.

  • Salesforce data shows that predictive sort boosts average revenue per visitor by 9.1% and boosts conversion rates by 3.8%!2


Where Can I Use Einstein?

If you operate on Salesforce B2C Commerce and you have enabled Einstein, you’re all set! You can leverage Einstein throughout the customer experience by:

  • SEARCH: Serve personalized type-ahead search guidance for each individual shopper; AI will correct for real-time adjustments of misspellings and offer synonyms and common search terms right in the search box as they type.
  • BROWSE: Automatically personalize the sort order of products shown on each search result and category page based on past browsing and buying behavior.
  • RECOMMEND: Display personalized recommendations on the product pages tailored to a consumer’s shopping experience.


By leveraging Salesforce Einstein for Commerce, your storefront can continually present your shoppers with the best products for their needs, mitigate out-of-stocks and offer reassurance that other customers are purchasing similar items. Leveraging the Machine Learning and AI to account for inventory fluctuation and buying trends lets your customers’ data drive the experience and is proven to increase conversion. Empower Einstein to take the guess work out of web merchandising, personalize every customer’s shopping experience, and maximize your sales.



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