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Shad joined Magnet360 in 2012 and currently leads Magnet360’s MuleSoft practice. In addition to being a certified MuleSoft Platform Architect, he is also a Salesforce Certified System and Application Architect (19x total). Shad has been creating products and line-of-business solutions for over 15 years in many domains including financial services, bioinformatics, e-commerce, security, and defense. 

How did you end up here at Magnet360?
A good friend, now colleague, kept talking about the Salesforce ecosystem and what makes Magnet360 such a great organization. His enthusiasm helped steer me to Magnet360 over six years ago. Since joining Magnet360, I have had many exciting opportunities. Notable among them are helping manage and grow our delivery teams, starting our IoT practice as capability lead, architecting the 2017 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award-winning manufacturing project, and most recently the opportunity to help build our MuleSoft practice.

What did you study in college, and how did this impact your career?
I have a B.S. in Computer Science from UW-Madison, an M.S. in Computer Science from Boston University, and an MBA from the Wisconsin School of Business at UW-Madison. Each course of study has been an essential driver for different phases of my career. Combined, they help me leverage technology as a business strategy multiplier!

Let’s talk about MuleSoft, what are you most excited about regarding opportunities in this developing space within the ecosystem?
Organizations already have systems and custom solutions that comprise hundreds of APIs. As the Mindtree Salesforce Practice, at Magnet360 we often deliver solutions that add 10-20 additional APIs to an organization’s portfolio. Our project counterparts in our customer’s organizations are typically line-of-business IT who want to have a consumption-based relationship with their core enterprise systems. For all these reasons, we see MuleSoft as the primary means of harnessing the rising value of APIs and achieving a network effect where APIs become more valuable as they are managed, reused, and composed into business solutions. These application networks enable our Salesforce solutions to be delivered more rapidly and take greater advantage of an organization’s enterprise systems through self-service consumption.

What are you most excited for overall about this role?
I am excited by both the technical and business opportunities of MuleSoft. Having seen the challenges firsthand, I believe wholeheartedly in MuleSoft’s assertion that organizations without an API strategy will be left behind. Salesforce acquired MuleSoft in the first half of 2018, and there are many questions about how organizations should take advantage. Organizations want to be agile, but they see challenges and gaps in their current modes of operation. In order to take full advantage, a cultural shift is necessary. I believe we can deliver this shift to composition and consumption using MuleSoft. Enabling both internal and external consumers to take greater advantage of systems and processes that were hard-won and aligned through strategy will help maximize agility.

Quick round. What’s your favorite one of Magnet360’s core values?
Expert Thinking

Favorite artist/band?

Favorite song to air drum to in the car?
“Giant Peach” by Wolf Alice

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