Magnet360 Transforms Inefficient Sales Process


  • A large financial services company’s insurance practice experienced numerous acquisitions, which created multiple, disparate, and complex data sources.
  • Because of the excess data sources, the company was struggling to organize and manage the complex hierarchy of field agents, offices, and products. 
  • Rather than assisting on sales calls, the internal sales support team was spending time searching for important agent and product information—all due to the disconnected systems.  


  • Understanding the need for a unified system, Magnet360 partnered with the company to implement Sales Cloud as their new CRM platform.
  • The solution provided users instant access to agent, product, and field information from their mobile device or computer.
  • To further drive efficiencies, Magnet360 provided best practices training to all users, ensuring the solution met the company’s complex needs.  


  • Sales teams are provided with a 360-degree view of their complex hierarchy of independent agents and offices, and a way to track opportunities through the pipeline—from open to closed won.
  • The speed with which users were able to access important information led to an increase in calls made by sales, which ultimately led to an increase in overall sales.
  • Management was able to gain a complete view of their sales department, providing management oversight over the sales process and allowing them to optimize when needed.

We selected Magnet360 due to their expertise on the Salesforce platform and in financial services. Their project delivery leadership enabled us to deliver the full project scope, on budget, more than a quarter ahead of schedule. We look forward to continuing our journey on Salesforce with Magnet360”  ~ Customer, Senior Vice President of Sales. 

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