Salesforce Partner Innovation Award

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We’re proud to announce that Magnet360 has been awarded the 2017 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award in manufacturing for our work in delivering one of the first successful cross-cloud Salesforce IoT implementations. The award was presented during Dreamforce, and honors partners that deliver innovative solutions on the Salesforce platform.

The company, a leader in food safety protection, partnered with Magnet360 to build a solution that would transform their business and enables them to continue to provide their customers with world-class, personalized service at scale.

Magnet360’s solution leverages multiple technologies to create tailored business applications that provides the company’s customers with proactive, real-time food safety protection and creates a collaborative environment for their sales and service teams.

Millions of data points are collected via a mobile digitized clipboard app that is used by customers to log and validate the environmental health and conditions at their location daily. Marketing Cloud and Community Cloud are integrated with Salesforce IoT to turn all of the fine-grained events collected into high-level actionable business events.

Salesforce IoT’s rules detect business events that require follow up, such as low chemical levels, improper food handling, incorrect hot or cold food temperatures, or anything that could jeopardize the health of the public. When identified, its integrations with Marketing Cloud, and Community Cloud are used to trigger notifications, follow up messages, and training to customers on each event.

The solution has allowed the company to better service their customers at scale, provides a collaborative environment for sales and service teams, and firmly establishes the company’s position as an Salesforce IoT Trailblazer.

We are honored to be recognized by Salesforce for our work, and are grateful for the opportunity to partner with the largest and fastest growing technology company in the world.