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Does your Field Service Lightning implementation have you feeling down? Let Magnet360 provide a health assessment of your FSL implementation and discover where you can gain greater ROI, improve user experience, and improve your overall field service operations.   


Who is the health assessment for? We see two distinct groups where the health assessment is a great fit:  

Existing FSL Implementations with Low Adoption or ROI   

This group includes any existing implementations with users who are not fully engaged with the solution, and where strong ROI is lacking. Magnet360’s experts will analyze your current business processes and FSL configuration to find ways to drive user engagement and success on the platform.  We will discuss field service best practices, previous customer stories, and how to achieve quick business wins for greater ROI.   

As part of this Health Assessment, we can also demonstrate FSL features and develop proof of concepts as needed. Ultimately, our Health Assessment will leave you with a tactical roadmap of fixes, quick wins, and best practices, to help improve your FSL adoption and ROI.  

Existing FSL Implementations looking to Mature and Gain More ROI   

This group includes any existing implementations looking to take that next step of growth in their field service journey.  Sometimes it isn’t broken, so we don’t need to fix it. Magnet360 will evaluate your current implementation and discuss your organizational goals for field service.     

We will develop a strategy to further drive field service optimization and customer lifetime value.  Perhaps you have explored FSL Appointment Booking, Optimization, or inventory management but have not taken that next step.  Our experts can lay out a strategy to implement additional value-driven features.  


 How a Health Assessment Works in Practice  

With either of these two groups, our health assessment engagements are typically 36 weeks. We take this time to understand your business challenges and objectives, analyze your field service processes and current usage of FSL, and deliver a detailed Solution Vision that sets you up for future success. We highly encourage ride-alongs or day-in-the-life experiences where we can sit with your dispatchers, managers, and field service technicians. This hands-on approach allows us to develop a thorough assessment that can drive value across the entire field service organization.  


When Health Assessments are complete, you’ll have a Solution Vision in-hand which you can execute internally, or with our help! We would love to talk with you about how our Field Service Lightning Health Assessment might help you.   


Connect with us if you’d like to learn more!