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In today’s connected world, many companies face a similar challenge of managing a disconnected mobile workforce. It’s not uncommon for companies to have issues getting the right field rep dispatched to the right customer, in the right location, at the right time, with the right equipment, and knowledge. Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning has brought a new approach to solving this challenge

Now, there’s no better and faster way to get up and running with Field Service Lightning (FSL) than Magnet360’s FSL Quick Start accelerator.

Why you need to invest in better field service technology

Field service technology is not an industry-specific need—it spans all sectors and industries that have mobile workers—from infrastructure crews and technical support to  machine maintenance.

Many companies with employees in the field face the same pain points, regardless of the industry. Team members are often disconnected, offline, and saddled with inefficiencies like multiple visits for a single ticket due to lack of information or expertise. Team managers are faced with routes and schedules in need of optimization, and frequently have trouble reporting on their teams’ productivity.

These types of challenges are becoming untenable. In the 21st Century, service customers, both B2B and B2C, expect much more from brands—and they are more willing than ever to switch brands in order to get the level of service that they want.

These rising customer expectations have created considerable urgency in boardrooms and executive suites around the globe to shift focus toward the customer experience, and the services that drive this experience. In fact, 92 percent of executives believe they need to adapt their service models in order to keep up with customer demands.

Why Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning makes sense

Field Service Lightning is Salesforce’s cutting-edge field service solution. It benefits Salesforce customers tremendously by running on the same platform that powers Sales and Service Cloud. This means that with the FSL mobile app, mobile workers will be able access any account’s contextual sales and service data and the entire account history, with just a few clicks on any mobile device. Businesses can deploy a workforce that is more intelligent and connected than ever before.

With FSL’s mobile technology, you can capture customer signatures, complete service reports, submit customer orders, and get directions to the next job. Back at headquarters, FSL gives dispatchers a 360-degree view of all mobile employees, and cutting-edge optimization technology to efficiently schedule appointments and routes. Meanwhile, managers have easy access to a variety of service reports and dashboards.

Why Magnet360’s FSL Quick Start is the best way to get up and running with FSL

Magnet360 is relentlessly focused on our customers’ success and the value they get from Salesforce. We launched our Field Service Lightning Quick Start accelerator to help our customers quickly realize value from their investment in Field Service Lightning.

Our deep FSL expertise and experience has allowed us to successfully deploy large-scale FSL implementations with manufacturers, logistics and distribution companies. Our FSL projects have all resulted in high adoption, increased efficiencies, and significant ROI.

The FSL Quick Start solution is a three-to-six week engagement that will leave our customers with a POC, pilot, or full launch, depending on their business priorities. We start with a quick survey to understand what level of Quick Start our customers need, and then move rapidly to understanding their requirements, and building out and deploying a field service solution in just a few weeks.

It is our industry-leading resources that allow us to offer a Quick Start accelerator like this and help your brand quickly monetize your FSL investment. Magnet360’s FSL Delivery Lead has extensive field service experience and has led many engagements for both Magnet360 and Click Software, the OEM partner for FSL. We prioritize our FSL project readiness and have earned more than 10 FSL certifications. Our FSL delivery team places Magnet360 at the top of the FSL system integrator class.

Our FSL solutions help you provide the world-class experiences customers expect today. By connecting your entire field service workforce on the Salesforce platform, you can deliver on-site service that is faster, more proactive, and more personalized than ever before.