Magnet 360’s Salesforce IoT Starter Package

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Every new technology goes through a hype period, followed by a lull, then followed by a slow and steady rise in adoption as value of the new technology is captured by businesses. Such is the current state of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which is transforming manufacturing, and seeing significant investments from some of the world’s leading tech firms (AWS, Salesforce, Microsoft).

As more products are commoditized and the global competitive landscape continues to flatten, manufacturers are racing to use data generated by “smart” IoT devices to transform their businesses. There is a clear emphasis on personalized, on-demand customer service as a means to generating net new revenue channels.

Salesforce IoT Explorer was built to enable this transformation at a rapid pace. IoT Explorer is the “app layer” in the IoT stack, which complements the data and hardware infrastructure layers that businesses have been investing in. It is the app layer which will ultimately create value for business. IoT Explorer will enable new business processes that can proactively service, sell, and engage customers, all driven by IoT device data.


Introducing Magnet 360’s Salesforce IoT Starter Package

Magnet360, a Mindtree company, and a leading Salesforce IoT partner, is primed to help businesses on the IoT journey. Magnet360’s Salesforce IoT Starter Package helps businesses quickly monetize their existing IoT investments using Salesforce IoT Explorer. The Salesforce IoT Starter Package is a six-week services offering that produces a deployed, functional IoT solution. Six weeks may seem like an aggressive timeline to take data from your connected devices, and produce real value with engaging customer experiences. So here is an overview of how we do it:


First, we validate your use case.

We will understand your IoT vision, and assess your readiness to achieve it. We can help you build the IoT business case by tying key business initiatives to value-maximizing IoT use cases.


Second, we’ll determine the data inputs.

We can identify the data we need to build out your use cases. This will include “event data,” from connected devices, and a variety of “context data,” which can be any type of data about a customer.


Third, we’ll define the business logic and build the orchestration.

We will map your future state process, define all the business rules and actions, and then build those rules and actions into an IoT orchestration. As an example, a manufacturer of connected garage doors may want to send their customers SMS alerts if the garage door is open more than five minutes.  They may also want to send a second alert if the door remains open after ten minutes, or a confirmation message when the door is finally closed. Or they may dispatch a field technician if the garage door is communicating that something is wrong. All of these “light touch” engagements are processes that can be built with Salesforce IoT Explorer.


And finally, we’ll deploy and stabilize the solution, and create value.

As one of Salesforce’s leading IoT partners, Magnet360 can ensure a smooth go-live and guarantee a stable solution. The final week of the six-week project will be dedicated to any stabilization activities that are needed. We’ll also ensure that key success metrics are being reported on for management.


Magnet360’s Salesforce IoT Starter Package = Win

Magnet360 is one of the only Salesforce partners in the world to have successfully deployed Salesforce IoT with customers, and we would love to help you along your IoT journey. If you have connected devices, and are already using or would like to start using Salesforce Sales or Service Cloud, then you have the basic building blocks in place to consider Magnet360’s Salesforce IoT Starter Package.