In the current business climate, there is a conversation about whether digital marketing falls in the marketing realm or in the information technology (IT) realm. In reality, it’s a combination of both. The term martech blends both disciplines, encompassing a new approach for business operations.  

Marketing is no longer just about content, but also about the data and system integrations that power customer interactions with a company’s brand.

As marketing consultants at Magnet360, it’s our goal to build and support an environment that hosts successful, personalized campaigns and interactions stemming from data housed in the Salesforce platform. By using this powerful tool, data analysis becomes smarter, content becomes more dynamic, and interactions become more intelligent.

By combining the capabilities and responsibilities of both IT and marketing, a better, more proactive team can emerge. That means broader use of marketing strategies and more successful campaign deployments. As an example: in IT, testing and quality assurance (QA) are regular activities. In marketing, on the other hand, testing and QA may not occur as frequently. Finding ways to merge the knowledge and best practices of the two groups is essential to one-on-one relationships with customers that don’t introduce unforeseen risks—especially when that communication is automated. With Magnet360’s holistic approach to martech, we make this transition easier by training and educating our customers to sustain and grow the platforms we configure for their organizations.

Introducing a martech team to your organization will enhance your marketing capabilities and strengthen your ability to achieve stronger performance. With Magnet360 as your implementation partner, we will amplify your Salesforce possibilities and make a genuine effort to help you achieve success in our implementations.