Medical Benefits Company Revolutionizes Patient Engagement


  • A medical benefits company offers services for employees that can be added onto their existing insurance. At no cost to the employee, they get to consult with expert medical teams, have treatment plans recommended, and receive additional information, reducing their medical costs. The company had a homegrown CRM system and a linked web portal that users could get basic service from. 
  • Lacking a holistic view and full functionality from their CRM and portal systems, they were looking to achieve these goals. 
  • With Salesforce Health Cloud licenses already bought, they wanted to fully migrate both their existing CRM and portal to the Salesforce CRM and Community Cloud, respectively. 
  • Seeking an expert partner, they enlisted Magnet360 to help them fully migrate to the Salesforce platform.  


  • In order to get the most out of their technology investment, Magnet360 started working with the company to strategically map out how Health Cloud could do for their organization.  
  • Configured Custom Objects and set up process automation to allow employees to work more efficiently. 
  • Worked with an outside vendor to set up a computer telephony interface. 
  • Built a messaging app to bring together users and nurse “allies” that can be accessed directly from the community. 
  • Worked with a third party survey app vendor to build a Salesforce-connected app, allowing for offline functionality. Surveys can now be taken without internet access, with data syncing to Salesforce at a later time. 
  • Built an eligibility trigger that imports large excel spreadsheets to Salesforce, which creates unique records. 
  • Built a page that has the functionality to deliver a downloadable .pdf with information about a patient’s medical condition. 


  • An improved participant-centric view, a 360-degree view of all ailments/cases, etc. 
  • The new online community helped increase repeat customers—fostering more long-term relationships, and helping the participants view the doctors and nurses as invested advocates of their health.  
  • Helps ensure participants are seeing the right doctors at the right time. 
  • Resulted in a cleaner system overall, with a better view of the participant and a stronger online presence. 

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