Red Wing Shoe Company Transforms Their B2B Strategy


  • Red Wing Shoe Company Industrial Division offers 250 programs that provide companies with safety footwear products and services at a reduced cost. Red Wing Shoe Company mainly relies on their dealer channels to sell these products to customers.
  • Previously, every company the dealer worked with had a personalized pricing plans that were all printed on paper. When customers purchased products, dealers had to manually send vouchers to Red Wing sales for approval before delivering products to customers.
  • Red Wing’s manual B2B strategy led to challenges like thousands of price and custom product lists, hundreds of custom invoice styles, and thousands of dollars spent on supporting manual processes, stamps, and paper.
  • Red Wing realized they needed to improve their overall business process and architecture by providing best-in-class tools to make it easier for their sales teams and dealers to perform their everyday tasks and increase productivity.


  • Magnet360 leveraged Salesforce Community Cloud and Sales Cloud to enable a suite of features to create the Red Wing For Business Portal.  
  • The Red Wing for Business portal allows dealers and corporate store users to quickly setup and support industrialaccounts with highly customized purchase programs for their employees.  
  • These programs include voucher and billing-related details,as well as the specific pricing of the products their customers depend on.
  • Maintainingastrong emphasis on security, the proper users have permissions to both access and modify account and program information that is most relevant to their role. This allows them to provide the best in class service to their customers.  
  • Salesforce is the system of record for theindustrial accounts, programs, and product pricing.This provides both financial services and point-of-sale systems with real time updates. 
  • Magnet360 built a seamless, custom UI that requires less training and drives user adoption.   


  • The solution has saved Red Wing thousands of dollars and internal employee hours by automating processes and eliminating manual paper processes.
  • The solution has made it easier for dealers and corporate store users to do business with Red Wing by reducing friction in their overall experience and automating processes,providing them with the convenient digital capabilities they now expect.
  • Now, all sales transactions are automatically reported and organized by customer, store, and region.
  • Red Wing can capture every touchpoint they have with customers—gaining a 360-degree view. They have effectively cut the account creation time from 30 day to same-day.  
  • Red Wing has cut the steps it takes to service a customer in half, effectively increasing their product speed to market and shortening product purchase cycles.

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