Retailer Transforms Franchisee Experience


  • One of the largest franchisers for health clubs and gyms was using spreadsheets, point systems, manual operations, and legacy systems to manage their +1000 locations, which in turn managed their 7+ million members.  
  • Their previous systems and processes were disconnected, disorganized, and inefficient, causing gaps in franchise operations such as management of contracts, store development, and store management. 
  • The company was in need of a unified, scalable solution that would empower their expanding network of franchisees and internal employees, streamline current processes, boost efficiency, and consolidate data.  
  • The company partnered with Magnet36o to help them achieve their goal.


  • Magnet360 leveraged Salesforce Community Cloud and Service Cloud to create fully branded, integrated, and comprehensive franchisee management solution that spans the entire relationship life cycle.  
  • In the community, staff can nurture new and existing franchisees, facilitate contracts, manage individual club’s development schedules, and run the franchisee lending system.  
  • Franchisees can easily access important information, view alerts, access contracts, create a service case, and view other actionable information that will help them better manage their business. Owners can get information about their store performance, key contacts, social media links, and other store-specific content.  
  • Service Cloud automated many of the member services’ tasks and allowed them to efficiently service club owners and their members from case creation to close. Business dashboards and reporting functionality was added to optimize processes and provide visibility to management. 


  • Magnet360 delivered a comprehensive solution that eliminated disparate, disconnected systems and created a richer and fuller experience for franchisees—allowing them to be more collaborative, and make better data-driven decisions. 
  • The solution provides a higher-level view of the franchisee pipeline and has streamlined customer service processes.  
  • By giving franchisees access to the same system and data that the internal corporate staff is using, they are able to receive the latest information about their business in real time, allowing them to take immediate action. 
  • The solution has automated many of the processes that staff used to spend most of their time on. For example, with the solution the franchisee lending process was cut down from three months to two weeks.  
  • Staff’s most time consuming processes were automated, increasing efficiency and empowering growth. The new franchisee lending process, once a three month process, now only takes two weeks.