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What is the Dual Study Program?

Magnet360, The Mindtree Salesforce Practice, is now hiring top high school graduates for a dual study Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Management & Transformation. Join us for this unique opportunity to develop your technology and business skills and build your career while learning and working on Salesforce.

This programme is a three-year dual study bachelor of science, combining software engineering and business in collaboration with Steinbeis University in Munich, Germany. If selected, Mindtree will take over your tuition fees. Your experiences within the program will allow you to become familiar with our sales, operations, and technical departments.

The program offers the opportunity to learn and gain a degree while working on a project assignment as a Consultant. The study program provides continuous development and growth opportunities centred on comprehensive learning paths, mentoring, and challenging projects. We are seeking high school graduates to work at our European Consulting Hub in Munich, Germany, starting October 2018.

The application process

  1. Before Applying –Read through our website! Familiarise yourself with Mindtree, Mindtree offerings, Mindtree & Magnet 360 etc., as This will be useful later at the interview stage.
  2. Apply online- Complete the application on our website
  3. Interview – If your application is selected, you will be speaking with two members of our team. One interview will be in English and the other in German. When answering the questions think about using the STAR technique as this will provide a good structure for your answers:
  • Situation: Describe the situation
  • Task or Target: what was the goal or objective
  • Action: What you did
  • Result: What happened using specifics and measurements

Remember to have questions ready to ask at the end as this demonstrates interest and drive to succeed.

4. Case Study & Personality Test

If successful at the interview stage you will be booked into an assessment centre where you will undertake a case study and personality test.

The Business-Focused Inventory of Personality test is a psychological test that reviews career-relevant personality characteristics. You will be presented with a number of statements or situations to which you will respond with a numerical value. Answer this as honestly as you can, there are no right or wrong answers in this instance.

The case study will be an article to be written in English with company relevant tasks. The topic of the case study will be revealed on the day of the assessment–there is nothing to prepare for this.

5. What to expect when starting the program

Once you have accepted an Employment offer from Mindtree you will be starting at Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin (SHB) in October 2018.  SHB is the largest German private university with international recognition.

Your attendance at the university is on average three days per month. Study is facilitated in small groups with a maximum of 25 students per group. From the start of your studies, you will be involved in a digitization project and will be able to apply your university knowledge directly to your work at Mindtree.

We look forward to you joining the band!