Thousands of people recently gathered in Chicago at Connections, Salesforce’s digital marketing, commerce, and customer service event of the summer—a warm up, of sorts, for Dreamforce in September. Attending Trailblazers like me were eager to learn how to create personalized experiences at every touchpoint, deliver service that drives growth, and exceed customer expectations.

At Magnet360, we’re obsessed with finding new ways to implement the robust capabilities of Salesforce for our customers. For me, Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud illuminate Magnet360’s all-important goal: How technology and know-how can deliver a connected consumer journey.

Still, a few challenges remain—ones we aim to solve through innovative thinking:

  • How to get rid of the data silo effect
  • How to integrate touchpoints experienced by consumers
  • How to make that experience holistic
  • How to derive personalized content

Connections revealed some valuable new tools that will make these solutions easily attainable. Here are a few insights I gathered:

Interaction Studio Captures the Flag

Mid-June’s release of Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio was met with campfire cheers. Interaction Studio instantly delivers contextually relevant marketing experiences and molds them to the individual consumer.

How does it work? Interaction Studio reacts to the real-time behavior of consumers as they interact with a brand’s channels, including email, social, mobile, and in-store. It extends the capabilities of Journey Builder, an existing Marketing Cloud tool. Journey Builder’s purpose is to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

With the enhancement of Interaction Studio, you can now assess synchronous data from multiple sources to create a native 360-degree view of a customer. Journey Builder’s native integration with Interaction Studio makes it seamless to instantly insert or switch consumers from one journey to another based on real-time interactions.

Interaction Studio delivers a robust data set for a more holistic brand interaction. In my mind, this innovation gets the team across the data field and closer to capturing the flag.

Strategic Partnerships: Salesforce & Google Analytics 360

The new Salesforce and Google Analytics 360 integration will elevate organizations’ marketing capabilities across personalization, forecasting, and predictive analytics. Transformational for brands, it enables an intrinsic understanding of the customer experience—from the earliest touchpoints to purchase—by combining customer data with online metrics. Combined, that data will inform optimized, personalized interactions for a better end-to-end brand experience.

The integration changes the game because it’s the first time Google Analytics allows data extraction. It provides insight on consumer behavior to tie ROI more cleanly to marketing activities.

With this partnership, you can now see a breadth of data—clicks, opens, conversion—all in one campus within Journey Builder. For instance, if you have an email that’s not tracking a certain way and people aren’t converting, you can test different versions of emails and more dynamic pieces of content. This allows marketers to react faster and more easily to metrics.

Einstein AI Makes Journeys Smarter

The ability to achieve “personalization nirvana”—right audience, right message, right time—is finally here. Artificial Intelligence delivers highly personalized consumer experiences that drive higher engagement, more conversions, and greater productivity for marketers.

Now, Einstein Split is here to leverage splits natively within Journey Builder. Instead of creating segments yourself, it offers predictive analytics into your most actively engaged customers, so you can spend your marketing dollars more proactively and effectively.

Taking an aggregate sampling of how people are interacting with email or web, it predicts how likely they are to participate. Marketers can add split activities in their journeys that divide their customers based on their likelihood to open, click, unsubscribe, or convert.

With Einstein Splits, marketers can harness the power of AI to make journeys even smarter. And when used in Journey Builder, it can segment customers and personalize consumer journeys based on specific consumer engagement levels or personas.

My Take on My Takeaways

Connections whipped up a lot of genuine excitement in the industry. I know I came home pumped. My one piece of advice? Let’s think about strategy before we grab onto one of these shiny new objects and run with it.

With these new innovations, the industry gets a breadth of capability and technology. Cool, Google Analytics brings in data you need to see and AI delivers on predictive results. But without a clearly defined strategy and agreed upon business goal, these new innovations will fall flat. At Magnet360 we ensure our customers are set up for success before implementing the latest and greatest innovation. Contact us today to start the conversation about your digital transformation.