Connected Manufacturing

Connected Manufacturing Turns Up the Volume on Service

Magnet360’s Connected Manufacturing accelerator brings the power of multiple Salesforce Clouds, Field Service Lightning (FSL), and the connectivity of the Internet of Things (IoT). Connected Manufacturing will transform your ability to deliver service wherever your customers need it—changing your connected products into high-value customer experiences. Our expertise in Salesforce and IoT means that our accelerator reduces stand-up time and expense, while enabling greater speed to value than a ground-up solution can.

The power of Salesforce IoT will enable your brand to capture and deliver the real-time data you require to anticipate service needs, upsell customers to new service tiers and additional products, and identify targeted marketing opportunities.That data then blends seamlessly into Marketing and Service Clouds and FSL, allowing you to analyze and automatically respond to the data. Whether it’s delivering an offer via SMS or sending a field service rep to the site minutes after an issue is reported, Connected Manufacturing will revolutionize the efficiency and power of your customer service.

It takes a digital transformation for a manufacturing brand to be heard over the noise of today’s global marketplace and deliver the kind of service and engagement that exceeds expectations. But with Magnet360’s Connected Manufacturing solution accelerator, your brand will do just that.

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